Looking for the guy with the pit bull...

Discussion in 'General' started by johnnysgirl, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys...I'm new here and havent had a chance to post just yet. But I just have to ask...while browsing through the threads one day, I saw someones signature picture of a rather large brindle pit bull. It was so impressive, people even posted questions about the dog. I can't find that thread again, and would love to talk to that poster.

    Does anyone know who I'm talking about? Thanks in advance...
  2. yah your looking for sour diesel.
  3. I didnt have any luck searching for him by that user name...
  4. yah causeits not just sour diesel its something with like the little trademark sign and stuff. he'll probably read it and come on this thread he gets alot of questions about that pit.
  5. thats it sour D my bad :( stoner memory.
  6. he must feed that dog gun powder and make him drag weights around, only way a dog can get that big
  8. Too bad his sig violates the sig limits....

    But that is one big fucking dog.
  9. ive searched a little and its either me or sour d so.... hope that helps :p
  10. While it's most commonly seen in the whippet breed, myostatin, a muscle growth inhibitor can have it's production stifled by a genetic mutation that affects humans and other animals.

    These cases cause the subjects to become ultra-muscular with no effort exerted.

    Pit bulls are muscular dogs, but I'd assume this dog is one such case, just judging by the sheer muscle mass it possesses.
  11. [​IMG]

    Yea, that sure is one enormous dog.
  12. ugh...clipped ears. massive muscles.

    fight much? i think this just glamorizes dogfighting. dogs don't get that huge naturally (excessive and tortuous excersize and possibly steroids). sheesh.

    here's a pitbull, natural state. her name is Babygirl.

  13. i think mike vick would cream himself if he saw this picture
  14. LMAO thats fucking Rich.

  15. Haha good one.
  16. werd REP
  17. +rep :D
  18. DAMN that dog is huge i wouldnt fuck with that.
  19. Man, I had an american pittbull named Cain, and he was the biggest beefiest pitt Ive ever seen in my whole life up until I saw that mother fucker. That is a HUGE dog. I would hate to be attacked by that big bastard.

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