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  1. Got my dandy little DR150 set up but I'm trying to figure out which way I would like to configure the ventilation. Hopefully my babbling isn't too confusing.

    My specs are as follows;

    DR150 4'11" x 4'11" x 6'7"
    SuperSun 2 Hood
    1000w HPS Ballast (will be getting a conversion bulb for veg)
    Can50 ( I also purchased a small Odorsok filter as a secondary filtration unit in case I decided to run the ventilation for the hood separate from the main Can50 filter)
    6" Inline Exhaust Fan

    I was thinking that I could use the A/C duct system for my fresh air by keeping the unit on the "on" position so that air continuously blows through (2 a/c units on the house).

    Or I could just use the vent at the bottom of the tent as the intake for fresh air from the room itself and make the system a pure passive intake?

    I also have to think about cooling the hood. If I used the air from the a/c system, I would be worried about condensation forming because of the cold air (will be warming up very soon here). I then though about possibly connecting the exhaust portion of the hood to the ducting for the Can50 filter and exhaust fan. I was curious if this would create enough of a negative pressure just to pull air through the hood? If that wouldn't work, I could also just add another exhaust fan on the other side of the ten to pull air through the hood then connect the odorsok filter onto that to ensure no odor leaks through the hood ventilation system.

    Hopefully these pictures aren't too confusing.

    Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome


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  2. Dude i have that same tent!

    Anyways awesome, couple notes:

    If you hook up the carbon filter to the hood vent your going to get carbon dust slowly building up in the hood and on the bulb decreasing light and its kind of annoying to clean out every two months.

    You will also get much more flow running a straight air cool hood retaining lower temps.

    Looks like a basement? Amusing so and that you have access to cool clean air some were in the residents. Running a remote ballast you may not need to push the ac air directly into the tent, better to stick with a negative buoyancy air flow for proper ventilation and cleansing of odor.

    But i would say your basic set up concept would be the most efficient.

  3. So it would be better to have a separate independent air flow system for the hood? What size fan do you think I would need for such a thing? Since it's independent of the room itself, it's not like I'm gonna need something huge right? I could then put the odorsok on the end of that fan just for added odor security just in case there is a slight leak in the ducting. Probably not needed but it was only $80 for it so I figured why not.

    As for the main filter, Just have that running straight up and out then leave the side vent at the bottom of the tent open to create the vacuum correct? But you mentioned clean cool air and I'm not sure where. Do you mean from the basement itself or be connected to the duct system of the house?

    My current setup is just a closet that is completely open down there with only 2 plants so I'm not worried about odor right now so the whole exhaust thing is new to me outside of the reading I have been doing.

    Appreciate the help man
  4. As far as the hood a smaller 4" inline (say a Vortek) on (i assume your hood has 6" diameter flow) 6" diameter insulated flex ducting moves air very well since you don't have to pull through a carbon filter.

    Passive intake: I just opened one of the rectangular vents on the bottom for my passive intake because I am not concerned with light leak. you can use the other tube and some flex ducting and curve it to get a 6" diameter flow if light is an issue. I assume the basement air will do fine, as your system pulls air it will pull air into the basement so a good trick is to run a intake duct to a closet upstairs if possible to get some clean fresh into basement instead of getting air directly from the outside. Temps are generally not as fluctuating in the house opposed to outdoors.
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    Yea I was worried about the temp and humidity fluctuations by using just the basement air so the idea of running some ducting up into the house is something I'm definitely gonna look at.

    Thanks a lot man:smoke:

    Oh I forgot to ask about connecting the ducting to the tent itself. I noticed that there are two sets of draw strings on the vent holes but I'm really wondering if that's going to be enough to keep the odor in? Did you use just the draw strings or did you somehow attach flanges to the walls?

    If you look at this picture of someone who had a DR120, it looks like he decided to use flanges that look to be screwed in to the tent which seemed weird to me but I'm waiting for him to reply as to why he would do this.

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    You need to make sure you have negative air pressure inside your tent, which just means more air being pulled out of the tent than going in. By doing this the smell is contained in the tent because all of the air is being pulled into tent, and not leaking out, because of that negative presure.

    If you use the passive intake flaps at the bottom of the tent pickup some black carbon fiber material and place on the inside and tape over the vents. Helps keep light in and out, a little, but more important filters out any dust and junk you might pull in from basement.

    These are the flanges that are made for tents.

  7. Yea the more I think about it, the more I'm considering the idea to run ducting down from a room upstairs and connect it directly to the tent. That way, I'll get cleaner air that will also have less humidity I would think?
  8. you dont want to have "low" humidity during your veg stage

    unless youve had a toxic spill in your basement...lol or have a mold issue the air in the basement is probably cooler and more humid than in your house
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    Ah good point. The only problem is that this basement isn't the most air tight so to speak. When it even gets to around 80 outside, you can definitely feel the increase in temp and humidity down there compared to upstairs. This may be a trial and error type deal

    I'm really thinking about revegging the two plants I have right now and taking a bunch of clippings from them.

    Would you suggest running the ducting for flowering though?

    Thanks for the pic of the flange. I'll have to pick some up
  10. Depends how humid it getsdown there... more than likely a trial and error, setting up a tent ventilation usually requires a little tweaking.
  11. I don't use the add on flanges on the tent, the presets have worked fine for me with placement and the draw strings are air tight, the zipper door is were you get the most leakage. He may have done it so he can stretch his light down farther so venting wouldn't stretch as much.

    If your going to install the flanges make sure to use some silicon to get a good seal.

    Ive always found drawing air from a closet in the house directly to a room in the basement gave me less problems and climate control has been easier. But they were leaky dirty basements. Plus its easy to put a filter to the ducting then the flap at the bottom if you want a slight filter on the air.
  12. yea I decided to use the presets then use the bottom rectangular vent for the intake instead of connecting to the a/c. A positive that I didn't know about is that there is a screen on that vent which is really nice.

    I just sealed the can filter to the ducting but I'm wondering if I should extend the ductwork and let it empty way under the crawlspace away from the basement or just let it dump back in to the basement. Either way, the basement isn't sealed from the crawlspace so if I had an odor leak in the ductwork, it would get to the crawlspace anyways. I was mainly thinking about bringing that warm air back into the basement rather than pushing it away or am I just overthinking this?

    From your experience, have you had to have the exhaust fan on full blast or have you been able to turn it down? I tested it just now and on full, it's pretty loud lol but it's pushing out a shitload of air so I'm hopeful that I can turn it down some.
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    (oh that ones really expensive i know you can get um for cheaper0_o)

    these work surprisingly well to quite the sound of the Vents with out interrupting any air flow. I started using them a few years ago to quite all three exhausts from my grow. With the mufflers you can't even hear the air vents, my drier is 4 times as loud!

    And if possible i would dump all air out of the basement somehow, unless you need to bring your temps up, and this all changes if you ever switch and want to run cO2. :smoking:
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    Ok here's everything except the light and I'll have to run up to the hydro store tomorrow for that exhaust fan for the hood.

    I just did the smoke test and not a single possible opening failed with the fan on full blast. I mean every vent, zipper, and wire opening all passed which I am amazed at for a first test. The second picture shows the secondary filter for the hood. Like I said before, It's probably not needed as long as I tape the ducts really well but I'd rather be safe. I'll be able to push the filter out more once I get the fan as it just hangs there without support

    Even though I'm a novice, I'm impressed with the quality of this tent.

    If I'm missing anything, lemme know.

    Thanks for all the help guys. :smoke:
  15. Looks Good! And the extra filter can't hurt.

  16. great looking setup. can't wait to see it with the light installed.
  17. Time for the test run
  18. beautiful. is that your carbon filter in the back right?

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