Looking for suggestions for first grow. Trippy high.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by tillygrower, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I am currently planning my first grow. I am doing 8 plants and 2 strains (4 of each).
    I ordered White Rhino seeds from Nirvana and am looking for something to grow next to those.
    I am looking for a head-high and as trippy as possible. Strain name and seed-bank name would help =)

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. Funny, saw this post come up suggesting a strain to grow first time, and clicked in to suggest White Rhino lol.....growing it now as my first time, damn sturdy plants! :)

    Then I noticed you were looking for something trippy to join it......I would suggest LSD! :) 
  3. haha I just thought you were being cheeky by suggesting LSD.....then I saw it was the name of a strain  =)
    Thanks for the suggestion, and good to hear about the White Rhino.  That is exactly why I chose it for my first grow.
  4. Just ordered the LSD.  Seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.
    Would still be interested in other suggestions.  I will file them away for future reference  =)
  5. Lol yeah I had a suspicion you might think that, hence the addition of the link lol.......never grown it before, but I have read some kick ass reviews from those that have. 

    As far as other suggestions I guess it depends on how big your grow space is, how many lights, what medium, etc etc.....I'm by far nowhere near experienced enough to offer professional advice, but I have read pretty much everything a pro grower has ever written, so I'm more than happy to chime in with my 2 cents worth. :) 
  6. my grow is:
    4x8 tent
    two 600watt hps bulbs
    8 plants total, each in 20gal smart-pots.  
    organic no-till style soil.
    excited for the LSD!  Thanks for that suggestion
  7. Mazar from Dutch Passion is  trippy. Barney's Farm LSD is good but its just Mazar X Skunk.

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