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  1. Hello guys, I was just wondering what some of you thought on this subject. If you continuously keep trying to think about or look for something, good or bad, will you eventually find it? Will it come into existence? Was it already there before you started looking for it? Was it already set in action prior to your thinking and or looking. Even if you do not put a lot of effort into it will it happen with time? I'll give examples. For the bad, trying to see if a girlfriend is cheating or thinking she is and eventually finding out she is. Thinking about getting in an accident then getting in an accident 3 months later. For the good, thinking about winning the lottery and somehow randomly coming across a winning ticket. Thinking about an old friend and seeing them a month down the road. I do not believe in coincidence, I believe everything happens for a reason for many reasons. Does this play a lot into the whole "law of attraction" and the "you create your own reality" thing? Very curious about this and would like to see some input. If there is already a thread like this please point me to it and I'll delete this one. If not then

  2. Having a good outlook on things doesn't change your luck, just allows you to see the positivity more and to notice when it happens instead of always focusing on the negatives bringing you down.

    With time good and bad things will always happen.

    You think about a car accident then get into one, hell it's a miracle you didn't get into 2 during that time period considering the odds of getting into one being so high.

    You harbor over a loved one about them cheating constantly, you will push them away into another's arms. You distrust their loyalty and their fidelity and that can harbor infidelity. Or just the fact that you pry for information or go snooping you're more likely to come across the information.

    Winning lottery tickets happen and lost money /lotto tickets /valuables are often found and never /unable to be returned. So it's not that uncommon to really run across lost items. Thinking about finding money or winning a lotto ticket might cause you to be more observant and find it or pursue means of making money or buying lotto tickets and randomly winnong

    Running into friends isn't uncommon. It's more likely to happen than it not to happen.

    Coincidence isn't always as coincidental as it seems. Especially when factors such as mindset, how much work you put into something, and just sheer math with probability, etc factor into coincidence and luck.

    You don't create your own reality. You perceive your own reality. You work towards your existence and your view on it.
  3. Some people just think more than other people, I am a chaos girl. My brain runs at 3,000 mph, something I think about is bound to happen eventually.

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