Looking for some insight; a few questions for someone who is considering growing.

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    Hello i have two questions so im going to jump right into it:
    (this is for indoor growing mind you.)

    1) is there some sort of alternative to the expensive, both in initial and long term costs of the 400w lighting system (including the ballast)?

    2) would a fish compost fertilizer work well? reason i ask is because in highschool i managed the culinary arts vegetable garden and we used a fish based fertilizer on our heirloom tomatoes and they grew very nice !

    3) would there be a significant difference between the same strand growing indoors VS. outdoors? besides height due to the restraints the pots have on the roots.

    4) similar to the third question if i am growing indoors will a hydro setup be more efficient and well generally better than indoor growing with the traditional soil and such?

    thanks for taking the time to read and answer this
  2. 1. not really, you could use cfls or flouro tubes but they suck . LED is cheaper to operate but inital cost is heavy. The cheapest =SUN

    2. yes work very well. fish ferts are a staple of the organic gardner. stink though

    3. sure is. no matter how much money you spend, you will never even come remotely close to the light and UV produced by the big fireball in the sky.

    so get outdoors lol
  3. lol i would be growing right now, outdoors even if i weren't in FL. stupid FL and its stupid laws. lol
  4. 1) I agree with hemi, there are alternatives but they will not perform nearly as well. You can get a HID grow light kit for under $200, by the time you try to get anywhere near that much light from CFLs or fluoros and buy all the bulbs, fixtures, wiring, etc. you would be spending a significant amount anyway.

    2) In general fish ferts are good, but you need to know the NPK, and you will need different ferts for veg and for flower because the plant has different needs in those different phases.

    3) "Difference" between the same genetics indoor vs. out, besides height? Yes in terms of overall yield, as hemi said. But not necessarily as far as the potency, smell, taste, "type" of buzz, etc.

    4) Hydro vs. soil one isn't necessarily better than the other. Hydro generally will grow plants faster. Some say a little more potent as well. But hydro is less forgiving -- mess up your schedule or let your pH drift by more than a few tenths and your grow could suffer, wheras soil is relatively more forgiving. Soil also is more intuitive for most folks (we all planted flowers in soil back in kindergarten and such), so that makes it feel "easier" for some people. And depending on the style of hydro it also is dependent on electrical hook-up (so if the power goes out you have more than lights and fans to worry about), makes more noise from pumps and such, usually costs more (for that equip and for ongoing electricity), could need a bigger space (for you to get physically all the way around the plants on all sides), and so on.

    Sounds like you are doing a good job of planning before starting, I'd suggest that you keep reading on the hydro vs. soil question, check out the hydro section for example, to see what feels best for you.

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