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  1. Heya, i just come back frol my grow shop (First indoor) and i think the seller riped Me off...
    I told him im living under a rainbow and its really hot, here what he sold Me :

    - 80cmx80cmx1. 80 blackbox
    - hps 400watts
    - extractor TT 320m3/h
    - smell filter 300m3 (some language issue, excuse my french)
    For less than 500 euros, after some test without pot i ve got some really hight temps ; temp outside 18 degree celcius, in the room 20c and under the hps 400watts 32c.

    Im kinda short in cash now for upgrade for a rvk or any real extractor and a cooltube.

    Should i try to add a cooltub under this extractor?
    or can i except a lower when ill add the hydroponic system with 2/3 plants under?
    Well im kinda **** now and don really know what to do , the fews euros left Are for the hydro system.

    Maybe i could add some intra or do you ve any idea for sortingthis issueout.
    Thanks in advance andsee ya arround.

  2. My temperatures got much higher than that when I first started (because I was keeping the tent in my closet and the room temp in there is 32c alone, inside it got up to 38!!) and I think it stunted my plants a bit but I don't think they were too badly damaged. From what I've read as long as you have really good air circulation (I have a really powerful fan blowing air around in there) temps are not something to worry about toooo much. Of course it's best to have lower temps but I think your plants will do fine. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the more stuff you put in there you can expect the temperature to rise a few degrees too
  3. Thanks you for your answer misterincognito.

    Ive also read we can use some liquid (dont remember the name unfortably) then we Can have an highter temp than the normal.

    But im getting worred about the temp of the water, since im going for An hydro or aero system if the flow of cash is here.

    I ll also add a little intra, cause ive nothing with extractor i got a low depression (de-pressure? ) in the box, hope it could help.

  4. Probably thinking about co2. You can run it hotter if you use it.

    32 is a little high. You might want to look into getting an AC unit or something. Or if you haven't, try leaving the tent open while the lights are on. I've had to do that a little during summer heat.
  5. Thanks mosiko for those advices.
    Unfortably i cannot afford An ac. Unit but ill keep the box open until. Flowering.

    Co2 tank isnt envisageable but ive read some interesting stuff about home made co2 tank as water plus sugar, none bad smell and cheap it could help i guess.

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