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  1. Alright heres my problem,
    This is my first time trying to grow.
    How and when should I pinch my plants?
    How do I determin between Male & Female plants?
    oh by the way i'm talking about indoor growing.
    last but not least...Can yall give me some good sites to get a good visual Idea.
  2. Ok first of all I'll assume you mean top your plants (pinching stops the upward groth of the branch(s) and allows for food and energy to be directed to other areas of the plant) A good indacator of when to top is when you have reached your desired height of the plant or when you have run out of vertical growing space. This should be done only after the plant has atleast reached 18 inches this will save you a heartache and any shorter would not produce a worth while produce. Dertermining the sex of the plant is much later down the road, the plant must be triggered by its photoperiod (in other words you have to trigger the sex horomones to be produced) Im sure you have read about the 12/12 light cycle this is the photoperiod needed for the plant to produce the horomones. After the plant begins showing sex it will be quite east to dertermine sex look at the nodes of the plat (intersections of the branches) you will either see balls (male) or a preflower (female). You cannot dertermine sex until the plant is triggered by the light cycle. And for your final question you are already at your best resource for learning just check the Growing Journal or the Picture Post part of the city's forum. Hope I helped and good luck with your grow.

    Trippie J

    here is a picture that might help you understand the different visual characteristics of the male and female flowers [​IMG]
  3. I hope the nicemembers above answered your questions. If you have any other questions, please drop by and aska away.
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