Looking for some help with quantum boards.

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  1. I am looking to set up another set of quantum boards. I’m trying to keep it under 200$. So I guess I’m wondering is it possible to hook four (4) of the 288qb to a LRS-350-36 ??? Or should I just get a 4 pack of the qb132v2 ? Any ideas would be appreciated. I’m trying to figure out a way to get four boards or 3 maybe. I just want to be able to move them around separately and rearrange them. Some of the kits have all three connected to one hearsink. So one of these https://www.amazon.com/PowerNex-LRS...ds=LRS-350-36&qid=1566663879&s=gateway&sr=8-3 And these Alibaba Manufacturer Directory

    If anyone has some ideas for me I’d really be grateful. I love seeing what people come up with on here !!
    Thank you !
  2. "LRS-350-36". I had a look at that driver.

    Look at provision/note 9 of the data sheet. It sounds like it's saying that power supply is not to be used in a lighting system, something about not meeting harmonic requirements. I am no expert on electrical data sheets and all the specs etc, but that warning might be important.


    What did it come out of? Was it another lighting system?
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  3. Oh my ! That is kind of worrisome. A lot of people use this driver for a quantum board setup. And the driver is just what the other people used for there setup for 4 qb132v2. I didn’t yank it out of anything
  4. Might be nothing. Just noticed that and the only reason I looked is because I have never seen that model/series listed anywhere like on HLG's site or anything. Maybe just missed it.

    I suppose if others use it, why not then? If their boards aren't lighting on fire or creating a tear in the fabric of reality, maybe it is OK. Just wanted you to see it.
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  5. won't work on the 288 boards but it does work very well with 4x qb132 v1
    the qb132 boards run on 36v which is why it works well ad that driver puts out 36v.

    the 288 boards require a 48v or 54v driver.
    4 four boards you can one one single big driver or usually better off splitting up and run two drivers on groups oft boards. depends on power levels you want and budget.
    but something like hlg-240h-54. Most Alibaba units come with something like a hlg-240h-48b
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  6. I have been using this TYPE of power supply on some QB 132's , (only some different brands found on Amazon,) for at least 3,maybe 4 grows so far,and they have been working perfectly...
    Same thing with the 24 V QB 120's, witch have closer to 8 or 9 grows on those...still working fine...
    I really don't know why so many folks are afraid of these things...They're so simple to hook up and use...? And, they have built in dimmers,as well...
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  7. That's cool. Those drivers are very reasonably priced.
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  8. I’ve been talking to a few different Alibaba peeps trying to get a good deal. They shipping is what kills the deal lol. I’ve asked for free shipping or a bargain on it but no such luck. I was looking at the 320w (3) 288qb with driver and I think if I got 4 qb288 from HLG .com and a 320watt driver it would be cheaper then alibaba. !?!?!
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  9. I ordered from kingbrite on alibaba. Paid $170 including shipping for the 240w kit. 2 288v2 red spec and the meanwell 240 48v. Hlg wants $350.
  10. Save the money and get the qb 96s
  11. may have something to do with the certification around EMI noise
  12. Ya the lrs350-36 wont work with the qb288's. But as far as getting the most bang for buck, nothing beats these 2 set ups as far as price and how many total watts u wil get.
    This can only b done if u do a diy fixture or fixtures. Theres so many options u can choose to do but its all what u want to do and money u wanna invest..
    But for 175 bucks u could get 4 qb132's & a lrs-350-36 driver. This is what u will need to buy to get up and going for this setup:
    -4 qb132's= 130$
    -1- lrs-350-36 driver= 40$
    -2- small rolls of 18 gauge solid or strained wire. Get 2 different colors
    - go to home depot and get sum alum 90degree angle strips( 1/2x 1/2, or 3/4x 3/4)
    - for hangers u can go to walmart and go to fishing isle, and buy sum steel fishing liters
    - to hold boards to angle strips u can use sum 4mm small bolts and nuts, or cheaper option is just sum plastic zip ties

    Thats it. This setup wil need to be wired in parrellel. U will n able to get max watts out of ur boards by giving u 75w per board totaling around 300 true watts. 4 qb132's wood veg a 4x4 and flower a 3x3 or 2x4 perfectly. If u no how to grow well, 4 qb132's in a 3x3 if done right can give a pound of dank.
    A grower can have the best light on market but grower skill is as just important as lighting to a indoor grow. Using every inch of your space is key also.

    Im a loyal TRC ELECTRONICS customer for sum time now. They are imo the best place to buy drivers and other electronics from.
    If u eant to do buisness with TRC hit me up b4 hand and i might b able to get u a discount if u order from them. I got a saved # to one of my favorite salesmen so let me no and il hook u up to his # and possibly a discount. Plus if anyone needs help with setting up a fixture using either 4 qb132's & lrs-350-36, or 4 qb 120's & a lrs-350-24, let me no and i will help if needed.

    Also im a tester for a great led light company that has done side by side tests using their lights vs hlg's boards and from online tests this company has out performed hlg boards. This company claims theyre lights will out perform hlg's lights by 30%. If u google tbis company u will see people talkn shit on them. But let me just tell u thst this company has done so much for me and bas treated me like gold! Without spending a dime with them.. I lost all 8 of qb132's and other mars hydro leds, along with arou d 2lbs of dank from jack off cops a month ago.
    B4 i lost everything i was supposed to do a side by side test using 2 qb132's vs a xb140. I let this company no that i couldnt do that test cause i lost everything. Figuring this company wood cancel me being a tester for them cause of my loss...
    Well much to my surprise this company first said they no how i feel cause theyve been down my path too. So as a offer to belp me rebuild my rooms back up this company said theyd not give me the small xb140 light that i was supposed to test, and instead of that light they offerd any light they made to me.. I was completely shocked by their kindness cause they sent me they're biggest fixture they make..! Its called a xb400. 400 watts on a 30x32 alum sheet...
    It consists of 8- 50watt rgb diodes on quantum boards=400w. 1 big driver runs whole fixture.
    Just got it a week ago and am in process of moving so im not using it yet for ganja plants. I no after 2 days of 10hrs of light on my aloe plants has surprised me. Aloe plants wasnt growing really. Just in limbo for months no new growth just kinda at stand still. After only 2 days of using the xb400 on my aloe plants, my aloe plants have new shoots popn out of soil bout a inch long after only 2 days.. I wqs like dam this light might be the real deal and i got sum good expections just seeing what its done to aloe.
    But tge company that has only treated me like gold is called HGL (hydro grow led.) I no my aloe plants didnt really do much when i was using hlg's white boards. But 2 days under HGL light i got 1 inch new shoots. So im pumped to see what my greenthumbs can do growing ganja and using HGL's lights. Dont believe what u hear online cause ive only been spoiled by kindness from them. Look them and give them a try.
    They got a 120 trial period on theyre lights. So u can grow a round of plants and if not happy with light they will refund your money no questions asked just send light back then u will be refunded. Just options to think bout. These opinions are from my experiences so just trying to help.
    Good luck✌

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