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Looking for some help/info from people in WA

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Chris851, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Hello everybody. Id like to thank you all for taking a look at this and thank you to those that will post comments.
    My name is Chris, i live in Florida. I have a friend of mine that has a 4 yr old daughter that just got diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. This is her facebook has been looking into the CBD oil to help her appetite but he doesn't want to get her a medical card to buy it from the dispensaries. I was wondering how much the oil costs from a few different places. He lives in Spokane Washington State. I was also wondering if anybody knows how it would work if i were to try and come up and get a medical card or a written recommendation from a doctor to be able to get it. I got diagnosed with arthritis in my back and have other issues. So im just looking for some info if anybody has it.
    If you dont have any info but would like to help, please keep her in your prayers and add her to any prayer chains you have. Thank you all. You can either respond to me here or PM me. Thank you all.

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    Hes looking for the CBD oils without THC. But thank you for posting, i appreciate it.
  3. as a cancer survivor i feel for your freind and his daughter. you need to find someone local who knows about this kind of thing. there is a website called sure it sounds ike a dating / fucking site but it isnt. go there and then look for local groups who deal with medicinal marijuana. the one in vegas is called WECAN. it is a patient advocacy group for medicinal marijuana patients. start there, find a medicinal marijuana group, get ahold of the organizor or president and explain your problems. you will get what you are looking for. never ever ever ever ever buy anything from anyone posting in a forum like this. chances are, it is illigal.
    as far as a medicinal marijuana card for a child, if you find a doctor that will do, then you should. it will give the child access to medication that normally wouldnt be available. there are amazing stories of survival from cancer when medicinal marijuana is used which i am sure you know. however, please advise your freind to not discount what the doctors say out of hand. tradfitional cancer cures are horrible and terrible in their own right, yet they have saved many lives including my own. i also know that they have cures that are not as bad as chemo and radiation. antibody treatment for one.
    regardless of it all, good luck!!
    ps.. here is a few places you might start your search...

  4. Thank you for the help. I was looking for myself to be able to come get a card, but im not sure if i can since im not a resident of WA. So if anybody has any info on that that would be greatly appreciated.

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