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  1. Just wanted to show off the my first grow
    I have two 60 flo lights on a 12/12. Not sure how to top or prune. I was also hoping to know if its a indica or a sativa.

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  2. do a search on the topping/pruning. keep in mind when pruning, don't do too much at any one time, stretch it out over a couple of days. too much can cause stress. they look indica dom to me....
  3. Firstly: Why are they on 12/12, are you flowering them already? If not, switch them to 18/6.

    Secondly: Why prune them? They aren't big enough to be removing leaves etc... You'll just stress the plant. Wait about 3 weeks before considering that. If you want to top the plant, just do a search in here, many threads are made about it.

    Thirdly: You have an Indica Dominant Indica/Sativa hybrid... Who knows what strain it is, but it is definitely a cross.

    Any more questions, just post them up. There are many people here with AWESOME knowledge.
  4. ok man a 18/6 it is..I just didnt know someone told me a few weeks ago it was still vegging to keep put it on a 12/12..its my first grow man I have no clue wht to do.
    but thanks for the help guys!!!
  5. 18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness :)

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