Looking for some direction. please respond with any advice!!!

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by oside, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Im interested in getting some advice. Im kinda new almost 2 yrs in. I got a 2 rooms 25'L 9'T 11' W with 8 1000w 8" XXXL hoods. 1 8'' fan per 4 lights with and ac and 8'' carbon filter scubbing the rooom and 8 16'' fans plus box fans on the ground. The running temp is like 68 f at night and 74 ish with the lights on less then 50% rh. The Co2 is at 900-1050 every 30 min. Im growing in hydroton with blue buckets. Im doing like 40-50 in that room depending on size. I was wondering what you guys thought I could do to improve the set up? And what method of growing would you suggest? I advage about 3.5-5 oz per plant with a 3-6 week veg.

    This is what Im really trying to figure out. Nurtients!?!?!? I used to use all house and garden with goood to great results. Now I swithched to just 2 parts of gh. (10m micro and 5m bloom) the whole time as per a friend in hopes of saving money.I also use silca blast, cal mag and liquid kool bloom all as well at 5 ml per gal. The last thing i use is pure flower 1ml per gal. I use all of these for the first 5 weeks then just gh and kool bloom powder 5tbs per 60 gal. Last flush for 7-10 days straight water.

    1. how does that sound? am i missing or not using enough of something?
    2.. im doing about 200 gal a week can i save money with something else and not loose size?
    3. Can or should I be using more bloom?
    4. what do you guys think is the best results for big hydro grows


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