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  1. I have 2 ladies in flower. They have been flowering about a month or so. They are both power plant seeds from dutch passion growing in coco with worm castings and azomite. I have been feeding fox farm organic liquid ferts and some cal mag according to the package directions mostly. One plant is fine, but the other seems to have a deficiency. PH is around 6.5 when tested. Any thoughts?

    This is the other plant that has no symptoms

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  2. Looks like a zinc deficiency to me.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking some micro too. Tried calmag and it never helped some. Not sure how to get zink in there. I guess I thought there would be enough micros from the azomite.
  4. Hey @dylan , did you ever solve this? Sorry for getting here so late. It definitely looks like magnesium, but could've been zinc. The main difference between the two is that mg starts at the older lower leaves, while zinc deficiency occurs at the newest growth zones.

    Also keep in mind that even tho adding CalMag didn't solve the issue, that doesn't mean it's not magnesium deficiency. Generally, in cases of magnesium deficiencies, the nutrient is present in the soil in sufficient quantities. However, if there are problems in the plant root system, your marijuana plant will not be able to properly absorb magnesium.

    Adding magnesium in this case will not help you to solve the deficiency, and can even generate more problems and compromise your plant long term.

    Here's what could cause a magnesium deficiency, you can read more on my site linked above.
    - pH Too Low For Cannabis
    - Constant Moisture In The Soil
    - Low Root Temperatures
    - Mineral Excess During Flowering

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