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Looking for some advice w/ parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurtonSnow, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. So I just graduated yesterday and will be on my way to OU in the fall. Just recently my parents have been real up on my shit about smoking. They know I do, and my dad pretty much told me he has nothing against it, its the fact its illegal and society doesn't look good upon it. He just asked me to not smoke much, which I don't. I was smoking almost everyday, but I figured if my parents r cool enough with me doing it, atleast respect their wishes.

    Long story short I was accused of smoking a blunt on my friends driveway yesterday. First off this is just fucking stupid, cuz what person smokes right in the open of a neighborhood at 3pm with the sun shining for everyone to see.

    Anyways my dad is really against smoking on nights I have school, so I came home 2 weeks ago real blitzed on a tuesday and my dad comes up gave me some shit and thats the end of it. Havn't smoked since then and that was about 2 weeks ago.

    My mom is all upset and shit thinking all I do is smoke, so I told her that last time I did was 2 weeks ago, give me 2 more weeks and ill be more then glad to take a drug test to prove to her that I can control myself.

    Now the problem.... I graduated yesterday, along with all my friends. If you guys remember when u graduated, there are just tons of parties. It would be kind of shitty not even being able to smoke with ur highschool buddies, cuz chances are I won't be seeing much of them again.

    So I really wanna smoke this weekend but told my mom Id take a drug test in 2 weeks. I have a crazy fast metabolism, but I know my system hasn't been clean enough to take a drug test in prob a year or so.

    Can I smoke this weekend, and steadily take some niacin and still be ok?
  2. Haha I don't want to go all psychiatrist on ya, but you've got to keep it in perspective and decide what's more important in the grand scheme of things: Keeping a promise to your mother who's looked after and loved you your whole life, or smoking marijuana.

    If you decide to prove her trust correct are you going to look back on it and think "man, I wish I lied to my mum and took drugs"?
    I know this sounds like run-of-the-mill propaganda but do you really need to smoke weed to have a good time with your friends? There'd be nothing wrong with having a few drinks with them while they smoke, a few of them won't be smoking anyway right?

    It's all up to you, I'm not judging, just giving you something to ponder over.

  3. Could not have said it any better....+rep to you mr.bong
  4. Thanks :cool: hope I didn't sound like too much of a mother or anything lol
  5. Yeah i agree with mr.bong- but youve got a good point to, you should be having a good time with your friends, id be willing to bet you could pass a drug test right now especially if your an active person that works out alot and drinks alot of water- id do that to prove to ur mom and then have a good time the rest of the summer:smoking:
  6. Yeah, I'd definitely say that the less selfish mode is to just not smoke...If you want to smoke, you may pass the test or you may not. Whether or not you pass, you'll have been doing what's best for you, and not for your mother. If that's fine, smoke and try to pass the test. If not, wait it out; I've graduated high school, and in a couple years, you'll look back fondly, but probably with a look of "what the hell."
  7. I am definatly going to stop to pass a DT. I am from there going to cut down on smoking. Like just every here and there which I know they don't have a problem with. It was getting to become more of a habit. Glad I got some good advice instead of the usuall, FUCK them! GO SMOKE! haha
  8. Fuck them! GO SMOKE!
  9. I wouldnt smoke. U got into a great school and u want to show ur mom respect. high school is w/e is the best u can smoke all u what ur mom wants...she is paying for some loans probably anyways
  10. If your not a big guy and you can go 2 weeks with out smoking b4 the test you'll pass anyway.
  11. Well I am 5' 9" 130 lbs and I probably have about 2% body fat lol. Im a pretty avid lifter, and with me being thin, I now have like no fat on me.
  12. Fuck that shit, It's all about the High Times.

    Smoke 'er up. HARD.
  13. I'm pretty sure that if someone drank loads of water they could get any trace of cannabis out of their system in 2 weeks. Theres probably a guide somewhere... oh wait theres a sticky at the top of this forum ;)
  14. Already read the sticky :D. If an avg sized guy can pass in 4 days taking niacin, a skinny dude can most likley be 100% ok if I start taking niacin now, execpt I am just going to take it as the bottle says. 1 cap (500mg) a day.
  15. So go get a test and show it to ur mom ( i gaurentee u will pass if have 4% body fat and havnt smoked in 2 weeks) and enjoy ur summer:smoke:
  16. if u work out, u can smoke at these parties, and still be good for the test in 2 weeks. without a doubt. im a much bigger guy then u and i did it in 2 weeks. being a larger guy, i guess its safe to say i sweat alot more when i work out. so that might be a factor
  17. I always thought the amount you sweat has nothing to do with how much fat your actually burning. And thats what you want to get rid of right? Since THC is stored in fat cells.
  18. i'm guessing you already decided on this and im not here to tell you what to do.

    just something else to think have all summer to smoke with them. the first 2 weeks of it taking a break wont matter. there will be plenty of other parties this summer.
  19. Smoked last night, had a blast! Going to take the test in 14 days. Since I lift and don't drink pop I naturally drink like 5 litters of water a day. Just going to add a little niacin and I should be good!

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