Looking for some advice for first grow

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  1. Hey peeps,

    Just wanted to bounce a few things off of you guys and see what you think.
    What type of media do you reccomend for a first time grower.
    I plan on getting some feminized (photo) seeds.
    Was thinking on going with Neptune seeds or tasty treat seeds. It will be a indoor tent grow.
    Just ordered the tent today and starting to piece together all of the odds and ends I'm gonna need. So hopefully this can get off the ground in the next 2 weeks or so.
    As far as lighting after messaging T-Bone back a forth a few weeks back I'm gonna go with some quantum boards. 1 set up for veg and I plan on getting another tent before they are ready to go into flower. Ideally would like to have the 2 tents 1 to veg 1 to flower.
    Anyways my main question what would you guys go with or what's easiest to work with as far as either coco/perilite mix, old school soil, or maybe some fox farm organic soil.
    That's where I'm getting comfused/undecided.
    I will post some pics once things start rolling in. I do plan on possibly doing a journal on here as well.

    Let me know what you guys think any and all input much appreciated
    Thanks again

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  2. For whatever reason.....I think soil is easiest to start in for most people. I personally use Fox Farm Happy Frog.

    I have also used Roots Organics Formula 707 and that was great soil too.....I switched to Happy Frog cuz it saved me a few bucks.
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  3. I recommend coco/perlite, drain to waste hydro, using the Lucas formula. It's simple, and as long as you have at least 30% perlite, impossible to overwater.

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  4. I would check out niemiled.com they have well priced quantum boards. I bought my 260watt from them and they have a 130 watt
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  5. Cant go wrong with Tbone's advise .
    Normally feminized seeds are prone to reverting back to its original sex if cloned .
    If you Plan on cloning ? don't buy feminized seeds .

    Two tents ...one for veg one for flowering .
    Ya I had same idea …..
    Moving plants from one tenet to another has its draw backs .
    Your plants need to be trained and in my case the tents are in two different rooms and I couldn't fit my plants through the bedroom door way .
    Now I have a walk in closet and two tents in operation ..
    I don't like the walk in closet because hard to rig it for ventilation without cutting a hole in it some where .
    Now my plants live in the same spot throughout they're entire life after getting out of the cloner ..

    Two plants per 4x8 tent , how I wish I had more room to grow .
    Been thinking of buying a house out in the country .
    Just hate the thought of the fucking paper work and payments plus moving everything .
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  6. Thx for the input
    Now with the fox farms soil, do they already have nutes mixed into the soil or will I need to buy nutes.

    Literally getting everything I could possibly need that way if a problem pops up I have the supplies needed.
    Also did you notice any difference between the roots organic vs the fox farms besides price point?

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  7. I have been looking into the coco / perilite mix as well. So many choices can be overwhelming at times lol

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  8. Thanks for the input buddy
    Yeah chatting with t bone saved me alot of headaches. He def got me pointed in the right direction as far as the quantum boards.

    I'm planning on setting up the 2 tents next to each other. So the transfer should be easy.

    Yeah I hear ya there paperwork and payments are a kick in the dick lol

    I am going to get the feminized seeds and thanks for pointing that out about the cloning off of a female seed. I didn't know that lol
    See dodged another bullet already !!!
    Thanks again

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  9. I'm not too sure about the Ocean Forest but with the Happy Frog you'll need nutes....in case you are curious...I use Fox Farms Trio nutrients
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  10. I cannot tell you whats the best compost is ….
    I do have a friend who is a consultant to the large Legal MJ grow factories or warehouses in the northern part of my state , he also owns a hydroponic store .
    Fox farm mixes lots of compost for him .
    He buys a semi load of compost at a time .
    This is what he suggested .
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  11. The original sex of a feminised seed is feminine. Both parents are female.
    I'm not sure how it can revert to something it never was.
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  12. sorry mate cant agree with you about femmed seed ive grow foir years using femmed seed and never had one revert sex and turn hermie ...whether frown seed or clone ,,,,,mac,,
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  13. The best bag soil! Great for guys that love to feeeeed

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  14. Nectar for the gods and Mammoth p goes great with happy frog! U can get a large trial box for the price of shipping! It's the best. Once u learn how to use it, u will not see deficiencies

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  15. LOTS and LOTS of ways to grow, best way for you is to find what YOU are comfortable with, and than work with that method and perfect it.
    Personally, I started in hydro, did a little in coco but since have moved to full organic soil and find that FOR ME at least it's by far the easiest, least labor intensive, and actually get better quality results.

    with organic growing, you mix up a quality soil. lots of easy soil recipes on here such as here:
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
    with a good soil mix all you now have to do is water, that's it. straight water from the tap. no having to buy expensive bottle nutrients, no having to buy PH pens and solutions and deal with PH checking and adjusting and ph'ing your water before every feeding and checking it every single day to adjust it, simply none of that.
    literally add water and watch it grow.
    since I switched to this style of growing my meds are better quality than I ever grew before with practically ZERO work. it's ALMOST boring lol
  16. I have been doing some reading on the organic soil or living soil as it's called and it's really starting to intrigued me due to the easiness of it in the lack of Labor just because I work a lot. So for me it's just going to be finding what recipe to go with and something that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg to put together but I do like the idea of making my own soil. I'm actually on my way into work now but I may shoot you a message later or tomorrow to acquire a little more about it. And also thank you for all the responses in this thread it's definitely giving me a little insight and suggestions as to what to go with its very helpful

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  17. Have a good day Mate
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  18. Just noticed all the grammar errors in previous post... the Joy's of using talk to text lol

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    Get some fabric pots and either a large drain tray or one for each pot. 3 gallon and 7 gallon. Just use small cups or plastic 1/2 gallon pots for early veg stage.

    Use 3 gallon fabric pots for most of veg and transplant to 7 just before flower.

    I like promix with about 15% extra course perlite. Sunshine promix 4 is the brand I use and just good pure perlite. Course is a little more effective. There is other brands of promix around. It's a peat/coco mix.

    Get a plastic 1 gallon pour spout feeder. Get a bottle of GH flora micro and flora bloom and a plastic syringe for measuring like you might give a kid cough syrup with. Feed at about 4ml's of micro and 8ml's of bloom per gallon to start. Always feed twice as much bloom as micro unless you notice the plants needing more nitrogen. Then you can change the ratio to more micro. It's pretty cheap by the gallon and a gallon lasts forever. Over a year in a personal size grow.

    Starts can exist for a few days on the precharge of nutrients laying around in the promix but I start feeding them right away. It doesn't hurt as long as you keep it weak. Weak and often is my feed method. I don't even think that mix hits 500ppm. It's more like 400 with my tap water. If that mix is over 450ppm with your tap you could switch to 3ml'micro 6ml's bloom per gallon to start and raise it later on. If you don't buy a ppm meter right away those recepies won't be enough to ever go toxic. Those are low safe daily amounts. Some people feed double that.

    Elevate pots out of the drain trays so runoff is disguarded and not soaked back up. It also exposes more of the roots to air. Large pieces of gravel in the drain tray can work for this or screened shelves, ect.

    I target 6.2ph. You'll at least need to get a ph test kit or milwaukee makes a good cheap meter to figure out what you need to do to get your feed ph in range. Sometimes all you have to do is add nutrients and they drop the ph enough. They are about 5.8 or so by themselves. Sometimes your tap may require nothing or possibly 1-2 drops of ph down solution to get in range.

    You can't really just ignore ph and let it feed out of range the whole grow but promix is more tolerant to ph moving then other hydro methods because of the dolomite lime and natural ph buffers in the medium. It's one reason I think it's probably the easiest hydro method.

    Once I figure out my routine that gets me in range I rarely check my ph.

    Start off by just wetting the small plants once a day until some comes out of the bottom of the pot. If you build in enough drainage there should be no problem with that. Make sure you use the perlite and put extra holes in the pots along with elevating them out of the drain trays. That will make water logging them even with daily feeding difficult.

    When they get about 12" or so tall put them in the 3 gallon pots. Feed daily to runoff. It's pretty much easy mode. You can add other supplements to this routine as you can afford them. The first extra one I would add is probably either GH rapid start, Real Grower's Recharge, or Great white for some good root microbes. Calimagic if you start getting calcium issues. Tap water usually has plenty of cal/mag.
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  20. i will mate have a good day your self ,,i still love femmed seed though..,,mac.

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