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  1. Hey guys Im needing to give my lungs a break and wondering what some of the best vaporizers out there. Looking for one that actually vapes and not combusts and looking for dry herb one. Any help is appreciated thanks!

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  2. What kind of price range are you looking for? Are you looking discreet or does that not matter?

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  3. Firefly I hear is a great one portable and stealthy. For cheap I would go with mflb. Have to get the finishing grinder and it is stealthy. They also have alot of very cool add ons. Batteries can be annoying but they have an at home plug in. Just takes a hit of a learning curve. I have no experience with the firefly though.

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  4. Something to note is that the Firefly II will be releasing late next month. If I were you I'd look at my priorities, ID which units have good reputations and keep an eye out for 4/20 sales

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  5. If you are looking to break into vaping with an inexpensive vape. Puffitup has a flowermate Aura on sale for $55, and a flowermate v3 air for $75.

    Lots of great sales now
  6. Low on cash? Look into Flowermates
    Got cash? Go with Storz and Bickel :)
  7. There is a ton of middle ground between those two.

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  8. go on puffit up, get the Arizer Air.

    SeNt FrOm My•☆GaL@x¥ $5☆•
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  9. The zeus smite, about $100 and very good reviews.
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  10. I'd suggest the G Pen Pro which I use: G Pro Vaporizer™
    Or the PAX Vaporizer which most my friends use and love: The Original PAX Vaporizer | PAX
    I throughly enjoy the G Pen Pro for it's price, but I would suggest going with the Pax. There's now a Pax 2 out that is a little smaller, but in my opinion the normal pax does the same thing and works great and is the slightest big larger and like 100$ cheaper.
  11. Hubby & I both really like our Flowermate V5's - had about a year they are holding up well to daily use & get the job done! I haven't owned any other vapes but am happy with how these work!
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  12. I imported an X-vape portable Vapourizer from China with a view to order more units to sell in UK. I was not that impressed I may be naive but it did not give the same hit as a joint. Flavour was nice but found it took stoner out of the product. I used it for smoking hash and bud. I just don't think technology is there for portable capes for herb.
  13. Pax 2 is the most stealthiest, so if that is a concern, it can't be beat.

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  14. MFLB fell out of favor finally I see. If you don't need heavy hits MFLB works well; I use mine as a daytime out of the house fix. When it comes to getting strong hits I use my bong, but from the research I've done the PAX Arizer would be my choice.
  15. MFLB for day to day and Pax 2 (Pax 1 is good too but I'm really loving me new Pax 2!) for heavy hitting
  16. I'm in the same boat and leaning towards the arizer air. I had a pax and did not like it at all. I have arizer eq at home and I love it (200.00) so I have faith in the company. I'm going to go to the big expo in March (lift expo) and see what deals I can find.
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    Did you really expect a cheap chinese vape to be any good lol? Perhaps you should buy a product that experienced vapors recommend and is reputable? Anything chinese (especially in the vaporizer market) is sure to be using low quality parts and be potentially hazardous to your health.
  18. my doctor gave me one for selling 12 of em for her
    and i DONT like it as much as my lotus

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