Looking for particular kind of art/artists (EXAMPLES)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Napalm209, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. We ive been trying to find art similar to these pictures but really im just cant find anything..so if u know any artist,brands,artwork, or online galleries please post em..but i guess you can say im looking for like a black and white collage of modern/urban/skate/culture images and honestly i cant find that much on google images and i know gc has many awsome art enthusiasts that could hopefully help me..thank youu


    i already looked through most upper playground designs but so i may have seen most already and not necessarily anythiing with a walrus..


    just another example of like a collage, dosent have to be a tattoo..


    i really like these 2 designs..


    not the sweatshirt but just like the collage of images..its kind of blurry sorry..


    and this picture isnt nessecarly what im looking for but if anyone know anything similiar that would be dope..
  2. hey napalm...idk it it helps any but if you google "royalty free images" there are a few sites that i think only want to you to register to gain access....
  3. i dont know what ur talkin about but links would be nice haha :)
  4. you dont?...either were both stoned or idk.....:smoke:
  5. muahahaha :)

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