Looking for Opinions and Feedback! (Rap)

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  1. Recorded this over MF Doom's All Caps instrumental. This is legit the first time Ive ever rapped, I know the lyrics don't really make that much sense but that's just the way I am :p. I recorded this through my iphone's voice memo thing, I'm really looking forward to responses and maybe comments on how I can improve because I know its nothing special. I just enjoy gettin baked and writing and recording! So yeah just let me know, hate it or love it im just having fun and that's all that counts to me.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UmQRqnl1g0&context=C45bed4fADvjVQa1PpcFNH7ZbuvYuPEyGJ95g6wavhP_GV88beUPU=]Chet Milly- Deerskin (Earl Sweatshirt Instrumental) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. anything to say?
  3. Look forward to opinions and such, I'm just doing this for the shit of it, im having fun with it, I have a bunch of other stuff written some actual good shit, I think I need to practice more on my flow and breath control lemme know what you think

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