Looking for opinion on my drying room/tent setup

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by rnz, Mar 8, 2023.

  1. I have a garage (20ft L x 10ft W x 10ft). Inside I have 2 empty grow tents (2x4 and 2x2).

    I've got an Inkbird to automate a humidifier/dehumidifier outside the tents with the sensor being put into one of the tents, and I was going to put an oscillating fan in the bottom of each tent pointing at a corner, with a top and bottom flap open on each tent.

    There is a split unit A/C I'll be running to keep temps low which should also send fresh air flow to the bottom open flaps of the tents which are at the opposite end... I guess, anyway

    I really want to get as close to 60f, 60hu, 14days, as I can... would the purchase of any other equipment, or a change in my setup, improve my chances?

    Drying is my weak point at the moment so putting some effort in this year and want to get a solid result.
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  2. Everyone has their own drying specs. Some say 7 days ,70 degrees,70% humidity is the perfect dry. Personally I do 70 degrees 62% humidity until they are done, which is usually 7-8 days and they come out good. I use my 3x3 tent as a drying tent. Your numbers can work but the length of time is kind of dependent on how dense your weed is and what kind of airflow you have going on. You have what you need already, experiment and record the results. Good luck.
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  3. Before breaking the bank, what is your temp & humidity in the garage? If drying conditions are good, or can be made good. Why not just put up a clothesline to hang the weed?
  4. Thanks so much, that sounds good I will chill out a bit, go with what I have and record the results for sure, been doing that this grow in general, has helped a lot.

    That's one thing I was wondering, in the tents vs out in the garage... I will start testing that tomorrow and see what is possible.. my only thought was the door to the garage is opening and closing all the time (something I can't stop unfortunately) so was thinking I should make a closed environment in the tents

    I will set my inkbird up and see what things look like. thanks for the idea! Maybe I will end up doing a mix of in tent/in garage...
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  5. Just hang a tarp in the garage so the world can't see your plants when opening the garage door, it worked for me.
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