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  1. I'll just keep this STRAIGHT and basic to the point.

    I have been RESEARCHING my ass off in search of a good Outdoor Ontario Strain! (Southern Ontario). I have found many but none of them is what I need.

    So please I need the PERFECT all around outdoor Southern Ontario strain.

    I am looking for YIELD, decent growth effort and potency. YIELD is mostly what I want.

    I want a strain that will thrive outdoors and reach monster sizes (given enough time) and that can produce 1lb + of bud. I KNOW it depends on location, fertz, soil, nutes etc please do not tell me that. I have that thought out already, now I just need the perfect strain! I plan to veg indoors for 2 weeks and plant outdoors may first. I will not be able to veg more then 2 weeks indoors, MAYBE 3 weeks. Strain has to be an early finisher (obviously) since frost comes in mid October, not always but I'm not taking the chance.

    So please guys list me some strains that will be kick ass for outdoor in Ontario, seedbank/breeder will be great too!

    OH and no Dr Greenthumb strains please, yes I know they are bomb but out of my price range, period.

    I am overwhelmed with deciding for a strain I don't even care anymore I just want a strain that will do the job and produce big. Please no Nirvana strains as they are complete shit genetics. Good seed bank/price but crap genetics.

    Thanks to anyone who helps me, greatly appreciate it, you have no idea. (I have grown twice outdoors so far successfully, bagseed, so I know what I am doing) STRAINS MUST BE FEMINIZED TOO PLEASE, so places like Peak Seeds BC wont do since they don't have any femmed seeds.
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    High, I have found myself in your position before and theres nothing harder than picking your strains for a Ontario Outdoor grow. Strains that will work well are mostly anything with a short flowering period, also has to be somewhat resistant to mold..........also keep in mind that our frost is usually around mid-oct.

    GOOD STRAINS FOR ONTARIO: La Confidential(personally grown in ontario),LSD,Many of Subcools genetics(fuckin amazing), shantibabba(Mr. Nice) has some very nice strains that you may be interested in.... A strain I can reccomend for your exact needs is.. Green House Seeds Kalashnikova Feminized ..Ready by the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1000 gr/plant - this will be in my next years grow.

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