Looking for Non Drug testing work in Seattle

Discussion in 'General' started by trinitynzxt, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Anyone know of some places that don't drug test in the Seattle or surrounding areas? Need to find some work asap. Thanks.
  2. Macdonalds
  3. anywhere else besides mcdonalds.
  4. Burger King
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    its so easy to pass a piss test though. all you need to do is drink a metric shit ton of water with creatine and take vitiman b2 about 2 hours before the test. i drank close to a gallon a day plus cranberry juice (diuretic to make you piss a lot) for 3 days with like 3-4 teaspoons of creatine mixed, the B2 is to color your piss yellow so it doesnt look diluted even though it is, and the creatine is there so when they test creatine levels it reads normal too. passed a lab test after only 3 days. this was yesterday.

    edit, im also fat and it stores in fat cells and i was a heavy daily smoker for at least 3 months up until 4 days before the test.

  6. water is not measured in weight it is measured by volume.
  7. [quote name='"VagDiddler"']

    water is not measured in weight it is measured by volume.[/quote]

    How much does 1 fluid ounce of water weigh?
    I'm thinking about 8 gs?
  8. Im glad this thread went to shit with people making a mochary of what I was asking. If you have dumb ass answers like Mc D's or BK or answers like drink a shit ton of water (which will make u fail, so will a diarrhetic i.e. cranberry ect).

  9. different weights depends on how strong gravity is ;)
  10. Jack in the Box?
  11. Lol aww cmon bro you know we gta make you work for your answer!! Look up quick fix fake piss. Ive been using that shit to get jobs since i was 14
  12. Guess GC is filled with douche bags now. Thanks for jackin my thread when I'm tryin to find work.

  13. If you live in the greater seattle area im lookin for non drug testing companies other than fast food. If you cant figure out what the fuck i dont want to take a piss test means gtfo of my thread. I dont give a fuck about how to beat a piss test Im lookin for places that dont do UA testing.

  14. go fuck urself tryin to hit a guy below the belt for tryin to find work. oh and i got the idea for this from a 2007 GC forum post for the same thing. funny how in 2007 that dude got help while i get bullshit from dumb assholes like you.
  15. Hahahaha i guess your fucked bro!! Do you want a job or do you want to smoke?? You gotta play by the rules of life!!
  16. Dude you really won't find any better job than fast food that don't drug test, that may not be the answer you're looking for but that's the truth. So if you want a better job than flipping burgers or delivering pizza you have to quit or dilute for any higher paying job.
  17. mcdonalds
    burger king
    hardees/carls jr
    taco bell
    in n out
    retail stores besides walmart (they dt)

    thats about all you got for options bro, whats more important to you smoking weed or feeding your children?
  18. but if he works at chipotle he can bring them home food he can feel good about!

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