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Looking for new stoners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gothicontheloos, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I'm in the midst of making a website called "Kush Academy".
    While a friend of mine is busy making a logo and coding the site I'm writing articles for the site.
    The site will be THE place where you can find ALL the information on cannabis which you could posibly want (at least, that's the idea). Now, it's intended to be a website for "apprentice tokers" as well as seasoned ones :)

    But now my question to all new stoners (or anyone that still has questions surrounding cannabis, it being hash, oil, in food or just normal herb)
    What would YOU want the website to have articles about? I'm not going to list all the subject I already have written about/am going to write about since it's a pretty long list already :p I just want to make sure I don't overlook any subjects. So if you have questions: fire away and that way future beginners will be able to find answers to the question you had when you started out.

    Keep 'em lit
  2. Or i could come to grasscity.
  3. What sets your website above the rest? You should write an article about that.

    And I'm not being an ass either I'm being 100% serious. You need to tell the person who stumbled upon your site WHY and HOW are you "THE PLACE" to get all of that information instead of going somewhere else or going onto a forum to just ask the question like on Grasscity.
  4. To be honest, you should make it similar to grasscity. I have loads of fun just coming on here when I'm bored lol. You could add a few features that grasscity doesn't have, such as the articles you mentioned
  5. So... basically you're creating a site that has already been created a 1000 times over and you're even posting this on one?

  6. Well, the intention of the website would be to have a source of correct information WITHOUT opinion mixed in :)
    On grasscity you can't ask the question "Why would I roll a joint with tobacco" without getting people saying it's a crime to roll joints with tobacco, that it's only stupid and after 10 answers maybe you'll get a good "why yes and why no"...

    It would also contain information on the effect cannabis has on the brain.. grasscity (awesome as it is as a community is just not the place for unbiased information...

  7. Nah see, that's not what we're trying to do... It's not like we'll be able to make a better community website for stoners... grasscity is awesome in what it does!

    And about it having been created a thousand times... When I started smoking I have never found a proper site with seriously all the information there is + being a properly designed site... There's maybe 10 pretty looking cannabis related website on the web... Even look at High Times website... it's awful... usability/user friendly: 3, useful information: 6, properly designed...: 1?

  8. Already made a small topic about that before, what the site will do better then any other is

    1. CORRECT information, the real "why this is healthier then that" and not "why it is better". Also when talking about the chemical side of cannabis, a lot of incorrect information is on the web, we will filter that information to our vistiors.
    2. Properly designed and clear... No having to search 8 topics to finally find your answer, not going through 3 websites to find information on 1. bongs 2. blunts 3. vape 4. joints and the difference that you have in all those things (different kinds of bongs/pipes, differences in ways to roll etc. I refer to website again... this is not proper webdesign
    3. Reviews of Dutch coffeeshops and strains. There is only ONE "proper" website about the quality of Dutch coffeeshops... and that site has been outdated for years...
  9. #9 Bongsauce, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    I think it would be cool to have very detailed tutorials on all the basics...but in both forum/thread style ( or w/e) and a video section...I think that would be awesome to have all sorts of training style videos all in one place...from seed starting, room building/design, all the way to curing and processing.

    I think the net is really lacking a site like that. It would be great too to have a testing type section too that tracks members score and progress through the videos and Q&A ...that would you'd get a much more accurate REP system. Or maybe it could be a multi rep system if possible :) one controlled by members and one controlled by the learning stuffs.

    ..and like I said in the other thread...if the whole teaching idea took off maybe it would be sort of 'recognized' and you could start charging for certificates or something....maybe even travel and do live seminars and things in the future.

    *edit: I dunno how interested you are in the learning format of the site..but if you are, start looking into popular learning programs and see the techniques they're using that make them so popular and easy to learn from...such as rosetta stone or again, khan academy. I really like the 'tree system' utilized to see your progression of skills...based kinda of on the wow skill set system if you're familiar. Or an even better design (IMO) is the skill tree system used in skyrim. Also using that tree system gives users a sort of feeling of familiarity if they've used one before.
  10. Doesnt sound like a bad idea. Do an article on like ImprOvised smoking utensils, the safety of them, and maybe the best household materials to use to make a non plastic piece.
  11. This sounds like a great idea! Definitely let us know if you have it up!
    Some cool things to include:
    1. Well, you mentioned this, but Accurate info regarding all things cannabis!
    This would be totally awesome, and by accurate, I of course mean info that includes proper citations to reputable sources. This will obviously be hard to do, but if you could really pull it off that'd be sick...

    2. Maybe you could create some way for legit scientists to collaborate to raise funding for cannabis-related research. I'm currently an undergrad studying chemistry, and I think it'd be great to have a network of pro-cannabis scientists like myself to pool our resources together to compile more data once I graduate and get to the point where I can do stuff like that... Hell, while we're at it, your site can be like a crowdfunding launch pad for cannabis research projects, that'd be bad-fucking-ass!

    Either way, I'd definitely stay updated on this if you're successfucl :smoke:
  12. Get some stuff about concentrates and edibles.
  13. [quote name='"Inlinebub"']Get some stuff about concentrates and edibles.[/quote]

    Yes. Definitely detailed edible instructions (different foods, the perfect cannabutter, etc)
  14. If you make an app with it, I'll join
  15. Yeah, I agree with above, a nice little "cookbook" would be really awesome
  16. Influenced by Khan?
  17. i think it sounds like a great idea just like a one stop information site on things about weed maybe have it so people can comment on the articles etc? you could even have grasscity as an affiliate site maybe?
  18. It would be nice to include on your web site info on other natural subtances that your not allowed to talk about here. I'm not just into learning all the aspects of MJ growing and use but also growing the others and mastering their properties as well.

  19. Yeah, we'll definitely cover ALL the basics with very detailed picture tutorials. From rolling normal joints to more difficult joints, how to make cannabutter.

    Not sure I understand what you mean with your edit there?

  20. Yes, we are planning on users being able to comment on the articles, although more then likely in a way that you see with a lot of wordpress websites. And we would love to have grasscity as an affiliate, but before such a thing is possible you need to get a certain amount of daily visitors and that will be our first challange!

    We'll definitely do articles on edibles! :D Tutorials on how to make canabutter etc... :)

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