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  1. Bored of smoking vaping and dabbing.

    Edibles and tinctures do NOT work on me. I promise this is very true, I've had 800mg of a bunch of the strongest types of store bought edibles(i can get them mailed here, I'm in an illegal state). Also I've had lots of all the strongest home made edibles too and felt nothing. and also a friend of mine gets prescribed a very strong medical marijuana tincture that really screws everyone up and it didn't touch me so edibles and tinctures are off the list for me..

    Is there any other consumption routes that I'm missing out on that I can still try?

    I would love to give "canna dip" a go but I cannot get any.. So is there anything else anyone can think of?
  2. There’s a couple companies that make thc and cbd transdermal patches. They work like nicotine patches where they release the thc/cbd steadlily over a set amount of time.

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  3. Maybe it's time to quit for tolerance?
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  4. @MattmPsi
    So my smart assed Neighbor swore the same and 1000mg of hash oil made MY way had him crying for his momma just like I fucking told him it would.
    Same with 190 proof Tincture made Psams way. Or mine. Wanna real instant stone plunge both hands in tincture and wring out your weed sock barehanded.
    WOOHOO. Knocked the holy shit out of me in about 30 seconds. And only built from there.
    No such thing as somebody who can't get wrecked off edibles or tincture. It's just a question of dose.
    My wife needs about 4mg.
    I can take 1000mg or more. Kicks me hard but I can still stand on that high a dose. Would have most people reaching for the phone to call 911 if they could see the phone.
    Or Speak at all.
    Here is the basic time tested recipe.
    Decarb all material FIRST> 240 F for 40 minutes.
    5 grams Kief-Hash-Shatter-Wax-any concentrate
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil
    .5 teaspoon Lecithin. (Any kind)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Fills about 30 (0) sized gel caps.
    CAUTION !! This stuff WILL fuck you up so start slow and find your personal happy place. To much can be NOT fun. Spins. Hours of the dry heaves. LSD like effects with extreme visual and auditory stuff going on. Drunk like mobility issues. Can't stand, can't talk.
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  5. Awesome advice!

    I was hitting on 80% thc cartridges, 80% clear concentrate, vaping good weed, chugging down tictures. Yup, the drugs stopped working. I cut my cartridges down to 30% and just by doing that was incredibly helpful. In fact I’ve been using the other stuff less and less as well. Sometimes I have to slow down in order to get things working again.

    Keep in mind, I am disabled, I’m home all day with nothing better to do. I use excessive amounts of product. Every day I slow down, the more effective and efficient it becomes.
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  6. 3 rounds of surgery left me in agonizing pain that cannabis stops cold. Tolerance breaks are not ever gonna happen.
    This stuff works and continues to work even over the long term.
  7. I am so happy that Florida is becoming enlightened, but our options are still crappy.
  8. U need a Tolerance break or Up your dose man.
    i had old skool hippies saying a similar thing there smoking 20 joints a day and cant get stoned. i gave them 4ml of my tincture made very similar to "brassnwood's" and they got the spins had too go for a lie down and yea sane they said it was as close to lsd theyve ever had off weed .
  9. I'd long ago reached the point of smoking 20 joints a day and just staying even. Not stoned but not fully sober. Kept the pain at a tolerable point but I was getting up 6 times a night to step outside and blow a joint.
    Then I get a lung infection and had to stop smoking weed at all. That meant PAIN and that just sucks. I'd read BadKats thread in the past so I had a general idea how her hash oil was made.
    Most stoned ever the first time we made it. God was I hammered and for most of a day too.
    Tincture is much faster acting but wears off faster as well. More like smoking a bowl.
    Edible oil is a whole new game as finding your personal sweet spot takes a few tries. Everybody goes over the first few times and learns a wicked lesson in dosing really quick as this stuff can be downright scary in it's power.
    People say you can't get that fucked up on Cannabis have never done this stuff. Usually lasts 8 hours but that can change depending on the personal reaction.. My wife won't touch a single drop of this strength. Just to much for her. I thin it down to 1/4 strength and even then a single drop sends her flying for hours.
    I've yet to get any effect from commercial edibles. To low a dose. I'd need to eat 500 gummies and I'd puke before I got a buzz.

    You can make the same type oil with powdered high grade Bud it just won't be quite as blisteringly strong. Take more LOL.
    Use the same numbers. It should be thick like a mud pie. Can add the finished oil to any cooked or baked good as well Cookies, Brownies, Pasta, Pizza. Just remember that tablespoon of canna oil is from 15 to 40 doses. Only testing will tell you what.
    Remember always Decarb if eating or drinking the end product.
    240 F for 40 minutes.
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    Sorry to hear about the lungs.
    I agree fully with your methods.
    I de carb exactly the same time as you when the weed still stinks but has gone a golden green colour.
    Being in the u.k 'everclear' or 151 alcohol is non exiscent but my pal brought be a bottle back from florida a month ago its 1st time anyone of my friends had heard of it i wish you could buy ut here it just seemed quicker to make the tincture and faster at working.i love it.
    I was adding 14gram decarb and 1 gram of oil undecarbed in 250 ml of everclear.
    Next time i make tincture with honey oil 'bho' i will add a bit more i only use a gram..... 5 gram must be insane.
    1 question though would you de carb the honey oil i just mixed it straight in but if decarbing is stronger ill give that a go.
  11. Hold it in...

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  12. Ive had 1,500mg brownies

    And have you tried mints? Oral sprays? Teas?

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