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Looking for new Lighting.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SpaceMonkey2612, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I currently have the mars hydro reflector 144 in my tent.
    I really think I should change this for something more productive to help my yield.

    Also I am looking for something that can be used on the sides of my tent to beef up under the canopy.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Check out quantum boards.
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  3. I swear eventually everyone in the grow industry will have a quantum board. It's crazy how anytime someone looking for lights there is always a quantum board suggestion.

    Just goes to show how great they really are
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  4. Hope that person from "the burple company" as in planet..doesn't find this thread or prepare to be flooded with BS marketing disguised as helpful info..
  5. This bloody blurple light is doing my head in lol
    I hate trying to look at my girls and not being able to see properly, or take a decent photo.
    I think I need a quantum board.
    Any suggestions on best place to find them available?
  6. Growerslights.com

    HLG Amazon Catalog
  7. Here are 2 QB132s that I needed to setup in a hurry (10 minutes total) (breeding project went berserk overnight..needed more room.
    9-6-18 2.jpg
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  8. Thanks buzzer, will have a look now.

    What about any suggestions that I can use for side lights?

    I have 6 plants that have grown around 90cm tall. But now light is getting them below the canopy.
    I haven't done any training at all, just let them grow.
    So I am thinking I need lights on the sides to get to the lower branches and bud sites that haven't been able to develop from the way I have it now
  9. Two words, horticultural lighting group

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  10. That's the beauty..you can hang those QBs (Not the ones with heatsinks so easily) vertically too..
    You will need a driver( depending on how you want to set them up..)
    I have replaced all my Burples with QBs now..excepting 1x Nextlight Mini (same diodes) and a Unitfarms UFO80 (HIGH END Burple)..They are the most efficient lights out there at present.

    The tightest nugs I have ever seen!
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  11. My EX-Grasshopper @dubs_okaygo (LMAO) turned me on them last yr..never had such great lights for Cheap too..:)
    1st shot is the pricey Nextlight Mini (Over $400:()

    Those WERE Meizhi 450 reflectors, before I sold them for more QBs

    Light 5.jpg QB 1-20-18=1.JPG Quantum 135w.JPG QB 132s 1-20-18.JPG
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  12. Man... I bought two Bloomspect 300 watters for 150 on Amazon. I only needed about 50 more bucks for the 4 pack of 120s and four drivers. I regret pulling the trigger early. Mine look like my avatar pic and they do me the same way.
    Don't waste money on outdated tech. It will do the job, but EVERYTHING I read about the qb lights outshines the competition .
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  13. I hear good things about Bloomspect..enjoy your setup..
    When you are ready in a few yrs after they wear out..I bet there will be even better li8ghts for sale..LEDs are growing geometrically.. growing.gif
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  14. In all honesty, the only thing about them I don't like is the way they mess with my vision and the lack of the fuller more "natural" spectrum. They are bright, and my plants love them. I was in a light crisis and was researching best budget led lights. Bloomspect popped up in the top 3 on quite a few reviews for new, upcoming companies. They don't get hot and have a decent output. In a 2x2 tent, my two 300s would be pretty good (130ish draw each).
  15. Another vote for quantum boards. I got the 120’s off amazon and made three, 4 board lights with one driver to run each four boards in series. The 132’s will squeak out about 15 more rated watts per board but were not in stock in the 3000k I wanted. About $215 with aluminum angle, wire, screws, etc.

    0A0C598B-F0CF-413B-A51F-832C25EF37C6.jpeg 3318E049-E7C9-4C31-BA37-B0368C523781.jpeg
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  16. That unit farm led tho 20170822_192625-1.jpg
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  17. have you thought about those "special" glasses? I have a cheapo pair that work well, but are uncomfortable over my glasses:(
  18. So I am running 2 gorilla tents, both 2x4 and with the mars hydro 144 reflectors in there.
    I am now on day 66 of my first grow.
    And I had never grown before so I have 6 plants in the first tent and I planted the second tent about 4 weeks after with just 3 plants.
    I think I am very near harvesting the first tent, I will take a couple photos tonight to show how the 6 plants grew in the one tent

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  19. So am I right in thinking that you bought 12x 120 boards to then make the 3 complete boards?

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