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Looking for new friends

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BooncockDan, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hi. My name's Josh, and i live in a very terrible place in Kansas. I turned 18 recently and i'm hoping to move out on my own soon. I'm really smart, i'm really close to genius on the IQ scale. I know a lot about the universe and consciousness. I know a lot about the Illuminati. I have a lot of empathy. Seeing things from other perspectives is second nature to me. The "supernatural" is just natural to me. People just call it "super"natural because most of them aren't able to perceive or understand it. I can't perceive a lot of it, but i understand it all. Understanding is what i'm best at.

    I have no place in this world. My knowledge of the Illuminati and the government discourages me from taking any college or working at a stressful job. Through years of meditation i've discovered that my purpose in this life is just to enjoy it and have a good human experience, and stressing about college, work, bills, taxes, cars, houses, retirement, etc is not going to bring me any joy. I've always wanted to start growing so that eventually i could support myself without a job, and that's one reason i came here.

    In a few months i'll be ready to move away from here, and i'd like to move to a mountainous place in WA. I LOVE nature and i love rainy weather. I'll have at least $1000 saved up. If i can get another job here i'll be able to save up another thousand or two. If anyone knows where i could find a cheap place and get a job, or even move in with someone, i'd be more than willing to be a great roommate and pay my share of the expenses. I'd love even more if someone wanted to start growing with me. This world is too cold and harsh. People with similar interests should find each other so they won't feel so alone.

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