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looking for my next strain

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by reod12x2, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. hey guys just coming to the end of my 3rd harvest and am about to start my 4th(perpetual) and am looking at choosing my next strain to learn on. currently I've only done 1 pheno of pink kush through clone with one in hydro. aswell i have a dark angle in soil for a new addition this up coming round. but I'm looking at getting away from the pink kush sativa right now and am looking for something with a short 8 week flower period like the dark angel.

    I'm looking at a few right now but cant quite decide which one to go for. currently in the running I have Hash Plant since I would like make some extracts, or hashes out of it, plus I like a long lasting high. second up is White Cookies a split between WW and GSK, and third up is The Black, or black indica with this one being more for medical needs.

    but out of the three which do you guys recommend?
  2. with out the breeder info the strands mean nothing . what breeder are they from ?
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  3. yes, crop king seeds
  4. I used beens from crop king for my first 2 grown turned out alright. I would suggest using a seed bank with more choices and probably better genetics I used true north and purchased from T.H.Seeds and wow so much faster to germanate and the growth was so much quicker. Crop king also mixed up there beens a while back so not surely if I trust what they send out I grew 4 autos and 1 didn't auto

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  5. mind you i'd like to buy from a proper seed bank, but I'm short on cash..... man i'd want to get me some white fire that shit is so bomb.... but cks isn't bad. my first 5 dark angels didn't make it and they sent no questions asked, and so far its 2/3 this round. haven't flowered yet but have 2 plants one for mother hood and the other for flower in 2-3 weeks and both are doing well growth wise. specially topping with alternating nodes the first 3-4 pop up in return compared to the pink kush's 2.
  6. Go on gyo seedbank lots of seeds from lots of reputable breeders. You can filter by about every trait including breeders. They except credit cards ship descreet but its snail mail 10-15 days bought 12 last time and all 12 are doing great. Plus you get free seeds with each purchase of usually different strains
  7. Nirvana and royal queen seeds in my pots

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  8. It was honestly pretty much the same price as cks in the end with there loyalty program and gave me $15 for my birthday so much more choices and always good promos and freebies with every order.

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  9. thanks guys last time i took a look on the "foreign sites" that they were a little pricey... ignorance was bliss from there. so I've come down on ice from nirvana. it's going to be a month long journey to get to me so it will be next years new toy when the schedule frees up. so in the mean time I will commence with ordering hash plant from crop king as I need the quick delivery.
  10. Dark Plasma or Malibu Pie from Ocean Grown? Heavy hitters.
  11. Canadian

    I seen desfrán on Dutch passion its a blend of Mexican and south American sativas and man it sounds good to, but they don't ship, I found it on diafem but have yet to see if they can ship.
  12. My Bro gets his seeds straight from Amsterdam. Never been a hick-up and you know those dudes all got good genetics and are all tied in togeather. Nice variety of basic shit you have heard of.
  13. hash plant on the way and am looking at desfran right now
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  14. and diafem ships. emmm ha got my new toys

    a 5 pack of hash plant from crop king seeds, they will be started when I get them and will be grown in a bubble bucket and flowered out on the first week of December.

    and a 3 pack of desfran from dutch passion via diafem a destroyer crossed with a destroyer( trio of 3 south American sativas from thai, Columbia, and mexico. bringing indica build and yields.
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  15. massive weight from dutch passion but I love mephisto genetics so frosty and dank
  16. Lol you Americans. I took a look at true north and found desfrán, but like $15 more to the door then from dam Italy.

    Started a grow journal "Reod's house".
  17. Seedsman is a good seed bank I have ak47 somango and white widdow from them looking to plant my Nepal jam in a few weeks.
  18. James Bean company. Is in USA

    While expensive...

    Real Deal. Old School.

    Coastal Seeds

    Puck Yeah
    NL1 x Pacific Northwest Clone Only Hashplant.

    This is basically the same stuff that Sensi seeds had ( Mr Nice ) before they lost the original genetics.
  19. Gyo carrys dutch passion strains i ran the strawberry cough and im running their powerplant this go round.
  20. just gave a look and I could of saved $5 and gotten a free seed. oh well orders made.

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