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    I have been reading about vaporizing for about 8 months now. I have read through alot of threads about these and even made some threads.
    The vapes I am interested in are the solo, extreme q and buddha. I was interested in herbailaire but I cant find it for a reasonable price where i am. These other 3 vapes are all about the same price for me. I realize all three of these vapes have good reputations and whichever I pick Ill end up with a decent vape.
    What I am looking for in a vape
    - Portability. I dont really need it to be too portable as I mainly intend to use it in my house. However there will be occassions where I will want to take it to other peoples houses. It wont be that often though, I would just like to be able to do it without too much hassle or without risking breaking things.
    - Something fairly robust
    - I will be using it in either small groups of about 4 or on my own most of the time. Occassionally I would like to be able to use it in a slightly larger group of maybe 6 or 7 at most. Again this wont be that often but it would be nice to be able to do.
    - Ive actually never used a vaporizer before but for me already I feel like using a whip would be so much better for me than a bag. A bag would only be used in groups
    I may have forgotten something and if so Ill add it in later
    Here are my current thoughts on the three vapes please feel free to add your own comments or correct me as my knowledge comes from reading other threads on here and FC.
    Da Buddha - Very robust. I absolutely love the simplicity. Doesnt seem like it would be a big hassle transporting as it looks like its built well. Not many parts to go wrong. Cant find alot of bad things said about it. Seems like it might be difficult to use in groups? Especially the larger ones. Probably would be awesome to use on my desk in my room. My guess is that it produces the best vapor out of the three but I may be wrong. I would guess it is a better whip vape than the extreme q in whip mode
    Arizer Solo - Looks quite sturdy. Gets awesome reviews. Very easy to transport and discrete too. I am guessing it is not ideal for group use especially larger groups. Even less so than the da buddha. I am also guessing that the vapor quality from the other 2 will be better?
    Arizer Extreme q - Doesnt looks too sturdy to me. Lots of parts to break I think and comes across a bit flimsy. I would perhaps be concerned about transporting this one around. I feel like this is a jack of all trades but master of none. It would be great having bags for groups especially for some of my "slow" friends and especially in the larger groups. The dual mode is a big plus but I feel like the da buddha could possibly be better for when Im on my own and perhaps even when im in small groups (therefore most of the time).
    I am pretty conflicted here but Im edging towards the 2 desktps over the solo even though the solo sounds great. That might be one for the future.
    Feel free to correct me by the way as I am just going off what Ive read.

  2. I have a buddah. It seems to fill all the needs you're asking for. I mostly use it at home, but I have taken it to friends' houses. I bought a little minature  black back pack that everything fits in perfectly.
    The only downside I feel is that it isnt ideal for groups, do you have any thoughts on that?
  4. The DBV is nice for groups up to about 4 in my experience. You are limitted by the length of the hose so it starts to get cumbersome when people have to get up a lot. The solo can be passed around which make it easier to smoke with multiple people, but the bowl is small on it so you have to keep repacking.
  5. I use the Arizer Solo and you're right in thinking that it won't be good for groups. It'll be ok for 2, maybe 3 people at most. I normally only use it myself and find that it's better that way. If you're wanting to use a vape for 6 or 7 people, you're gonna need a bigger bowl.
    That being said, I love the Solo and you really can't go wrong with one. It's good vapor quality, discrete, robust, and easy to use.
  6. Kendrick, you got it nailed.   I really don't have anything to add other than to agree with your conclusions.
  7. I love my EQ, and bought it with some similar thinking to yours about the bags. They suck. Period. They take forever (OK, 3-4 minutes) to fill and 30 seconds to empty. Got old fast.
    It is, however, a good whip vape. The main bowl is pretty large and would accommodate a large group.
    I'm not sure why someone couldn't hit the whip if they can hit a bong or pipe.

    I've never had any real concerns about the unit itself being delicate, though the bowls and attachments are glass and do break fairly easily if not cared for. So far the only thing I've broken is an elbow. Only cost a few dollars to replace and it actually came with 2.
    It's also easy to replace the factory whip with heat resistant silicon to make a whip of whatever length you want.
  8. I don't know why the buddha would not be good in groups. You could get a longer whip if you really needed to. It's important to stir the bowl frequently,  but that should be  no biggie either.
  9. I am actually edging towards getting the EQ as my first vape. My reasoning is that while it isnt the best quality vape it is still solid and I would like to experience the bag/vape duality even though bags dont appeal to me that much. I have a friends who have a friend who have this vape and they love using the bags in groups.
    I have no issues about upgrading to a better vape after 1 year or maybe even less. I have alot of friends who would be willing to buy this off me 2nd hand at that point and this coupled with the conservation and reclaim I hope for means this should pay for itself over that time and probably more. 
    After that assuming I enjoy vaping (I really feel like I will), I will buy something like the SSV or LSV or something pricier/better.
    Ive been reading alot about this for a long time so Im glad Ive managed to get the right information, I recognize you on both this forum and FC and youre really helpful so thanks alot for all that.
    I would never really use bags on my own. I know that Ive never used a vape before but from my own feelings and from what Ive read I dont think Id be keen on bags.
    Im glad you didnt feel it was fragile. From the pictures it just looks a bit tacky and fragile to me but I havent seen it in the flesh before so I dont know for sure.
    Not all of my friends are that bright and I can just imagine that it might be a bit of a pain for me and I am almost 100% certain that a few are going to blow through the tube onto the heating element. I feel like the EQ is a bit more "idiot proof"
    If this was for just personal use I would probably buy the buddha in a heartbeat because I really like the simplicity and hear so many great things. I was thinking I would probably upgrade to an SSV or maybe even LSV eventually. 
    Im buying it in a couple months so Ill still think about it.
  10. Kendrick, I can't begin to tell ya how refreshing it is to see someone who has actually done their homework before asking for advice.   Kudo's to ya.
  11. I just ordered a herbailaire for $149, on E bay. Newest model, w a grinder and a pump. This is my 1st go at a vaporizer and i read up some, but don't understand how the pump fits in. Good luck K.
  12. I recently got my first Vape with the Arizer Solo. It's really well constructed. You'd probably have to reload more than you'd like for larger groups, but if everything is already ground up for you sesh it takes almost no time at all to fill the bowl and get it up to temp.
    He said that he doesn't need it to be portable and will be using it in groups of 6 to 7 and you suggest an MFLB?    I really hope that that was a sarcastic joke.
  14. Volcano. And it will be your last.
    You guys are amazing.   First, the guy above suggests an MFLB, which is totally ridiculous, and then you tell him to get a 'Cano when he expressly said in his opening post, "I feel like using a whip would be so much better for me than a bag. A bag would only be used in groups."
    Do you guys even bother to read the opening posts before coming up with your suggestions?
  16. Have you looked into Two Brothers Box vaporizer (the box) I've had mine for a month or so and love it ! they sent a free travel case. the only bitch I have is the angle of the heating element tends to drop a little shake when you pull the whip off ..good luck. :smoking:  
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    Two Brothers Box Vaporizer?    There's no such vaporizer on the market.   And if you meant the VaporBros,  the Buddha would make much more sense since it not only has a better heater angle, but also a cleaner air path being that with the VaporBros, the air is drawn from underneath the vape and flows over the electronics before it hits the heater.   With the Buddha, you get very clean air path directly from the glass heater cover to the heating element rather than picking up all the shit from under the vape that happens with the VB.
    Now if you can give me a legit reason why the VB is a better choice than the Buddha, I'm all ears.
    Achhhh..............this is getting insane.
    Kendrick, let me give you a suggestion.    Get outta here and head over to the FC site for any further inquiries.   The majority of feedback that you are going to get here is totally useless.    Not all..........but most, as witnessed by the posts above.     Over at FC, you would get legit feedback rather than this garbage.
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    Ehh......the extreme (old model before EQ) is a kickass vape and the whip with the tube attachment on the end connects nicely to most bongs. and that things can vapor bong like a champ. ive had mine for 4+ years now.. i have a bag to tote mine around, i've had people break: 1 elbow, 1 bowl. not too bad considering how many parties ive taken it to.
    solo (im surprised no ones pulled for this one yet either) another SOLID unit...and very conservative, if  you dont have access or money to/for  plenty o' greens, then this one is wicked. had one for 1yr+ now, and its awesome...after daily use for a year, one bowl to the head will still do the trick. :smoking:  surprisingly powerful handheld vaporizer. i just finished a bong sesh through mine...ya... :eek: works well on bongs too...win win :metal:
    No experience with the budha, but ive heard lots of good things as well :cool:
  19. lwien, I feel for yah buddy. You put a lot of good knowledge in to this forum for the amount of nonsense that gets posted by inexperienced people.
    When I see some peoples responses I cant help but think about it in a smoking sense. question- "whats the best way to smoke?", random answer- "I smoked a blunt once, they are beast"

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