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  1. I understand I have a lot of plants for the space they’re in, but I really am just wondering how they look (DAY 6).
    They were watered for the second time today. Also I got rid of about 13 other plants that shared this space.

    My questions :
    1) Do they need to be transplanted?
    2) The ones that haven’t reached outside of the cups should we chuck those?
    3) When should we start adding liquid fertilizer

    Please I understand this isn’t the best grow but bare with us as we are BRAND NEW to this and are looking for any advice that will HELP!
    Me and a friend are just looking to see if we can get through all the stages and then take this a little bit more serious the next time around.

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  2. They are behind....like I told you in your other post....you'll be hard pressed to get any of them through to harvest with your setup.

    You have watered them TWICE already TODAY???? NOOO WAY those 2 bulbs are drying them out that quick.
  3. Cant really see much …...
    Your photos are a bit far away and really cant see the plants .
    good luck
  4. I wouldn't even concern yourself with liquid ferts or any fertilizers for awhile...first you need to decide on a good, quality soil. Once you've got a good quality soil, and once said soil runs out of nutrients, you can worry about adding nutrients. I'm not sure if they NEED transplanted or not right now, but I'm sure that they will soon. Those cups will not effectively facilitate more than a week or two of growth. Watering habits will be very important here, so be sure not to water too often or not often enough...you'll need more light for a successful flowering phase as well...cfl's can do the trick for veg, but not for flowering or at least not with as many as you have now.
  5. No this is there second watering ever
  6. So what do you think I need to just keep maybe 4 or 5 of them and get rid of the rest we are getting better lights tomorrow
  7. Well if you are getting better lighting for them then that changes things...to me. What size pots are you wanting to eventually put them in?
  8. Was thinking 5-7 gallon??
    My thing is I know we are very limited on space and even a decent size tent won’t have enough space to hold all of these
  9. 5 Gal pots are a pretty good size to default too if you're in doubt...don't get me wrong, the more root space the better. But the trade off in regards to space goes up a lot more with most bucket sizes when you go above 5 gals, so just go as big as you can without putting yourself out of space. :)
  10. not very big for that much time - some look ready to transplant some dont
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  11. Are those feminized seeds? If so - 2 plants for the space you have. And you need a lot more light.
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  12. Just want to say thank you for all the advice you guys have been very helpful.

    We are going to :
    Get new lights and Subtract some plants after that I will go into hiding
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  13. Always happy to help, it's just a process of when you start growing...there is so much knowledge to absorb that it just takes time and practice. It's never easy getting rid of plants, but I always think of it in terms of either having a bunch of unhappy plants or a few happy thriving ones. Good luck! :)
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  14. 20190424_083947.jpg 20190601_103443.jpg
    These are 20 gallon totes
  15. More lights. That’s why bey are stretching. That space u either need to do a sog. Or 1-2 small plants. I’ve seen someone grow in sooo cups start to finish in a small place like that
  16. Day 10
    Just a few things we’ve done
    • watered for the third time today
    • subtracted over half the amount that was originally inside
    •plucked the ones we had planted two in one cup
    • added a better light ( plan on getting a second just like it)

    1. Should we call it and get rid of the majority of plants and focus on 2–4?
    2. Do we need another light inside?
    3. What are these tiny bug looking things floating around?

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  17. Hi
    My hydro /RDWC systems really is nothing new … and I just copied other systems I have seen .
    Its the same as a 5 gallon bubblier bucket except bigger with bigger pump and compressor and air stones .
    Personally I like the 30 gallon totes/containers better and the cost about 14 bucks at wal mart .
    I Use the Pond Mag pumps with the filter .
    They are model 3 350 GPH pond pumps and they cost about 75 bucks apiece .
    plus the commercial fish tank compressor its very easy to get over a 100 bucks per container .

    What works for me .. because I have a different budget then you .might not work for you and your budget .

    Lighting .
    I don't know/remember what lights you are using ?
    Nor the size of your grow room ?

    Samsung Quantum Boards or Cree / COB Boards you need 28 watts per square foot .
    Blurples are 48 watts per square foot .
    I don't know about HPS lights
    And as far as I know you cant flower with just CFL ..

    Your insect issue . HEY REALLY BUGS HATE A STRONG BREEZE ….

    this will get rid of your insects but fighting insects is making them leave because they don't like the environment …..
    Here this works good ..

    Everyone tries to grow to many plants in the space they have the first FEW times they grow .
    You have to figure each plant will be two foot in DIA and that is a small plant .
    I grow two plants per 4x8 tent and actually I could grow eight foot diameter plants easy .
    Normally my plants are 4.5 foot tall , ( that is from the base of the plant no including the height of the tote ) and that is at the END of budding .

    without training .
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  18. I have a commercial RO system …. with a 40 gallon fiberglass pressure tank .
    I have 750.00 dollars just into that one RO system

    So you can understand , me growing weed is my number 1 priority .
    I don't have a budget and I am single and retired .
    I don't want to buy weed from anyone else and if I do Its by the pound I have to know them personally and they must be a friend .

    You have to figure your budget if you have place a budget on your grow operation .
  19. What’s a sog???

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