Looking for lit-up keyboards and mice

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by dariolovesdeb, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Preferably green. If not, then purple. If not then orange.

    Also preferably wireless, but I know that fancy colored keyboards and mice are expensive as is, so wired is fine as well.
  2. I have a MercStealth on my PC at home. it lights up purple, red, blue, and yellow(?). its pretty cool and good for games
  3. Razer lycossa and naga



    I dunno why that picture shows two mouse wheels, he probably moved the camera when taking the picture, but uh just for clarification there are not two mouse wheels.
  4. Yeah checked out Razer last night... out of my budget. I'm not a gamer; just someone who wants to be visually pleased. But thanks so far you guys.
  5. if i remember right, saitek makes some nice ones...i had one of their earlier light up keyboards in blue. had a dimmer button, very comfortable, overall a good keyboard.

  6. If your going for just looks then disreguard what I say. If your a gamer read it.

    Screw the colour grab razer products(For example a razer naga is FANTASIC for a WoW player) They light up(My mouse can be set in all different ways for example I can set the logo to fade in and out) It has 17 buttons(Just a random drunk estimate of around 70 if you include modifers). My friends who are just into shooters love the keyboards. I have not had a chance to buy one.

    Oh I forgot to add if its for gaming you want wired every single time.
  7. I have the lycosa and mamba from Razer..both products that are very well put together and will last you a lifetime .. I wish I got the Naga though - It has so many buttons :p
  8. Not a gamer.. I want it for aesthetic reasons.

    That logitech one looks badass, but I'm going with the Saitek Eclipse II. Thanks guys!

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