Looking for links to best quantum board.

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  1. Hi needing some links or Alibaba suppliers to get the best quantum board similar to an hlg 550. Any links or info would be appreciated.
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    Niemiled.com has well priced quantum boards, I have bought both the 130 and 260 from them, they're pretty active on Instagram too. They have Samsung lm301b and lm301h diodes and are based out of Chicago
  3. Budgetgrowlights.com
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  4. i placed an order with kingbrite friday 7/26 central US time in the afternoon. heard back from them saturday morning, it was shipped sunday, and i got the boards this past wednesday. so 5 days from order to lights hung in my house. i was/am impressed.
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  5. I got my order (two 2x288 boards) in 11 days.
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  6. Check out the Mars SP series. Quantum board design with extra heat sink. less heat output. :love-m3j:
  7. Like extra like it has 2 heat sinks or something?

    I’m over here halfway wishing that these led boards put out a little bit MORE heat lol.
  8. Link?
  9. Just ordered from Kingbrite.
  10. i do not see any reason to get 4 boards on a huge plate. 2 boards on 2 plates gives you more flexibility. i can understand why you wouldnt want to get all solos.
  11. also GeekLight ebay is marked up BIG TIME, considering that whoever it is is literally just ordering the boards from (kingbrite/meiju/whoever, even if its their own stuff) on ali and just sending them to you. most likely without even repackaging them. like quite literal useless middle man.

    here's your 480, and you have more than 200 bucks to figure out shipping (they will do it for you btw)

    Kingbrite 480w Samsung Lm301h Mix Epistar 660nm Uv Ir Quantum Board V3 Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants - Buy Quantum Board,Lm301h,Led Grow Light Lm301h Product on Alibaba.com

    you could also just get 2 of these, and your shipping would be way less:

    Free Assembly Kingbrite Connected 240w Samsung Lm301h Mix Red Epistar 660nm Uv Ir Quantum Board Grow Light - Buy Lm301h Quanum Board,Quantum Board,Quantum Board Uv Product on Alibaba.com

    i'm pretty new around here but im smart enough to know that the aforementioned ebay shit for geeklight is a racket. dont fall in. i placed an order with kingbrite that was received on a saturday and had my lights that wednesday. there is no benefit to paying ebay and some middle person extra money for the same thing.

    edit1: no, i am not claiming to be smart. "enough."

    edit2: important edit, if you buy a product from a reseller that is not manufacturer authorized, you run the risk of lacking warranty coverage. will daryl the ebay reseller get your back when you have a diode go bad? no. will the ali supplier? no, they will say ""contact who you bought it from."
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  12. I want to order some qb’s from kingbrite. What is the best spectrum? I’m thinking 3000k with the 660 reds. Is that good? I’m a total led nube. What are the additional fees from ordering from China?(customs, taxes, tariffs) I’m in usa
  13. If you're going with the additional 660 reds, I would choose the 3500k... So you'll get a bit more blue spectrum while still having that red spike.

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  14. More heat is suitable for winter. For summer, it would be a killer for babies. :love-mj:
  15. @smokesara i just mean, for me and my own situation (very cool basement), a little extra heat from the lights works out perfectly to keep my grow space in the 70-75 range. different for everybody!
  16. Would a 1 car garage full of LED’s heat it up enough in Michigan winters when the lights are on?
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