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  1. I can only view the site mobile so I'm not sure if there's a sticky on this, but I'm looking to find a deal on a 1000w hps setup. From what I've found , $200 is kind of what I'm seeing. I have about 10+ new seeds to get going and a cfl setup like the one I have now is nowhere near enough to take on a real garden.
    What site should I be shopping at?
  2. if your willing to step up the amount you will pay to closer to 300 you could get a hps/mh remote ballast and air cooled hood from amazon with most likely free shipping since its amazon

    there is also 1000 bulbs
    htg supply
    hid hut ect. ect. ect
  3. I like htg supply
    $200 is cheap for a 1k. I am guessing that is with a magnetic ballast and open hood. That 1k will put off some serious heat.
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  5. Yup and reap a lot more $$
    Seen fools spend more in CFL setups and not grow a fraction of bud a pile of used parts will grow.
    Sure it's not fancy but it's definitely the most bang for your buck.
  6. but still used i mean you get what you pay for since its used you generally dont get any sort of warrenty unless everything is refurbished and they offer a warrenty of some sort
  7. Peter offers 90 day no hassle exchange.
    It's really a no-lose situation.
    The two I got have worked flawless for over 1.5 yrs now. On every day.
  8. Thanks much for the tips, gonna be a minute before I can actually get it, but you guys gave me some good places to start.
  9. If you are legal Craigs List has lights and everything else.
  10. That I am, I just tend to shy away from CL. Maybe I'll give that a once over.
  11. U gotta be legal to buy hid off CL?
  12. Of course. There's also a height requirement and they won't let you post until you sacrifice 4 goats and a small, organically raised chicken, but they don't like to talk about the little semantics.
  13. Awesome.. i have a flyin goat i keep around for just such occasions..

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