Looking for Light Meter Recommendations for LED Lights

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  1. I'd really like to start understanding my lights, but since I'm exclusively using LED's it seems difficult to find an accurate LUX meter.

    Any suggestions on something that won't break the bank, but will give me an accurate read using my 300w and 450w lights?

    If it helps, they're the VIPARSPECTRA 300w and 450w LEDs.

  2. Your lights aren’t the best quantum boards are the new leds yield more the same electricity more efficiently

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  3. You can load an app to your smart phone. Not sure how accurate it is but has served me well for making compArisons among different longhorn options and distances.
  4. Any recommendations on an accurate App?
  5. I use Lux Light Meter App.

    I use it to check:
    How even the canopy light distribution is at different distances. For example my seedlings get 13000 lux, veg 25000 lux and flower 40000 lux plus.

    These numbers are only relevent to my grow lights and phone.

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  6. I, too, use the lux meter app. I can’t speak to its accuracy since I don’t have anything to compare the readings. For comparative results of different lights, finding optimum light distances and peripheral measurements as Buddy Lee’s doing, it’s a good option.
  7. Do you have the orange and black lux meter? I believe it is about the only one that works for LEDs. Also I am sorry to be the one to tell you but the next step up is a par meter and you cant get one for cheap/affordable. It's just one of those things like lights, it's going to hurt but if you have the money you will see resaults.
  8. I'm going to take the advice I've received from you guys and run with it. It hasn't failed me yet.

    I recognize that I won't get a true reading from my lux meter however I can see that with my current setup my clones are flourishing, so I've written down what the lux meter currently says and will position my future clones at the same distance.

    It's not perfect, but it will get the job done just enough that I can be comfortable with it
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  9. Has somone suggested a guidling for lux at different stages of plant growth?
  10. I'm not even sure what that means, lol. Sorry
  11. I know when flowering you want to be shooting for 55000 so 550 on your lux meter when in 100x.
  12. Oooooh.....I gotcha. Is that how it works? I'm going to need to look into this. I'm just using an app for now but have my meter on order.
  13. Yea I am not sure on exact numbers and you always whatch what you plant is telling you. I am in flower right now and I am running some powerful lights maxed out 18 in. Above my canopy still only getting 45-50 thousand lux. If you got the orange and black lux meter which is the reco.ended one anyways I think, it's pretty good for what we need unless you are constantly buying and testing lights, I see it as a luxury item. Lol
  14. I’ve been following a current thread on another forum that has been exploring the use of screw in LED’s for the past five years or so. It’s generally accepted by these fellows that 40k-70k lux at canopy level is optimum. They’ve obtained some surpring results with this cheap light source; no trophy plants but very respectable. Having said that, however, I’ve gotten some very satisfying results by growing a single plant under a 150w HPS that’s registering only 27k lux at 9”.

    And, yes, lumens are for humans and par value is what makes plants happy but I haven’t seen the need to spring for the heavy $$$ for a par meter thus far.
  15. lol....well, I've decided that I am going to master growing larger amounts of smaller plants, turning over my yield faster. I'm only able to run two tents, and both can not be higher than 5ft, so height is an issue for me (until summer when I can grow 8-10 plants outside as tall as I want).

    But for me personally, it's all about trying different methods to get a sea of green that's only about 2ft tall when flowered. It's going to take some trial and error, but that's half the fun. So for me, knowing my lights, their distance, and all of these other factors are important.

    Can't wait!
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