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Looking for Legit Xanax Script, Getting Close but What's my Next Step?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by generickid, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. So I've called my doctor's office and let them know I am having some really bad anxiety attacks, haven't been sleeping well, and have been feeling a bit down recently. The nurse said my doctor is on vaca this week, but she gave me a list of therapists to call and set up an appt.

    So now I am not sure what to do. If I set up an appointment and visit a therapist, what are the odds they'll end up prescribing some type of benzo? I thought only Psychiatrists are able to give out prescriptions, so i don't think a therapist is a step in the right direction?
  2. The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, or the DSM IV is the book that all
    pyschs are trained with and it explains in detail all the symptoms to getting specific medicines. One could list and act out all the symptoms listed on say generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety, to easily get benzos, and you are right in your assumption.
  3. So if anything, I should try to get in with a Psychiatrist?

  4. Just wait til your doc gets back...my doc gives me xanax for stress and to help me sleep...the only thing is, it is highly addictive, so they usually will only give you 6 months worth...if you really need it for the symptoms you described, don't abuse it and overuse it, or else when that 6 months is up, you will be screwed.
  5. usally they will bounce ya around from benzo to benzo, i started with xanax then got kpins for a year then valium after awhile it just stops working
  6. Yeah these are real symptoms, but I have tried benzo's before and they work like a godsend so I'm really trying to skip all the therapy bullshit and get right to the meds. I'm 18, so I don't know if that raises a red flag to assume I'm going to abuse them or some shit but however I can I am gonna work with my doc n see if I can get a legit script for these bad boys.
  7. Haha weren't you just asking how to get script for hydros????? Sounds like you are trying to get anything they will prescribe you......... but what do I know have fun
  8. xanax can be bought on the internet with no script pretty damn easy
  9. I've seen the sites online but it seems pretty fucking sketch. Have you tried ordering any prescription pills online?
  10. dude i bought somas in a god damn mexican flea market in rural ensenada and they work like a charm.

  11. No I'm legit looking to get Xanax they really to help with my anxiety and help me sleep. I had another thread about vics a day or two ago, and that was really just out of curiousity for future reference, not trying to score some opiates as well.
  12. I read something about a fairly new law (last couple years) that says that you have to meet with a doctor before you can get scripts. A "doctor." $200, though.

  13. Is true....usually, when I have a toothache, I just call my dentist and he faxes a prescript for vics and penicillin right to the pharmacy for me...last time I called him he said it was a new law they can't give you a prescript without seeing you now...since I can't afford any dental work right now, I had to make an appt and pay a $40 office call fee just to get meds.

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