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  1. So I have some clones in a bubble cloner. I am going to put them in coco, but I cant decide if I should put them straight into the coco or rockwool cubes first. What do you guys do? thanks
  2. If they have good roots already, throw them into coco now. I just did that with my 4 clones and they already grew a new leaf set in the coco. I've been giving them water PH'd to 5.8 and adding a little CalMag+.
  3. yeah u can put them strain into coco. but from an aero clonner or "water" clonner to coco will shock them, 1/4-1/2 strength b1 will help ease the stress. after a few days they should start to show growth
  4. I agree with janemba about the water cloner. I bought one of those EZ Cloners from Ebay and didn't have luck the first time switching from the EZ Cloner to coco but this time I added a few drops of Superthrive into the recirculating water. I also made sure to have only 5.8PH water going in as I did not do the last time. The clones stuttered for about 2 days and grew a new leaf seat by the 4th day. I am very happy about that!
  5. me and my partner went and got the 30 site EZ clonner, couldnt get it to work, tried many times only could get a few to root the rest turned black and nasty, got advice from many growers tried everthing didnt work, got the 60 site, thought maybe it was to hot, didnt work, tried everthing. then a year later we were ready to toss them, but wanted to try one more time, something we had not tried yet. plain tap water with the chlorine still in,. finally we got success. the clorine got the bacteria under control and allowed the plant to root, so now were gonna buy the 120, pump clones out left and right
  6. Wow, interesting because the OTHER thing I did before this latest success was rinse out the whole unit with a bleach and water solution.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Ill just put em straight into coco. ill let u know how it goes.

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