looking for ideas for good northern strain

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  1. Hey all I've decided to grow next spring and I'm looking for a strain that grows well outdoors in northern climate (I live in Ohio) with low maintenance (I'm a beginner grower) meaning it doesn't need much nutrients (ferts) and low watering. Basically a plant you can just leave and and let it grow on its own. Any suggestions?
  2. Durban poison, or mazar-i-shariff for the real seed company. Those to are very easy to grow.
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  3. I need to know the best seed banks to get AK-47 Feminized, Northern Lights Fem. and Cali Orange Fem. also what strains are easy to grow and have the biggest yeilds? like 400-500 gr.

  4. i was wondering if you can take any seed even a schwag seed and turn it into dank weed or what some ppl call dro?
  5. im growing bagseed, 3 weeks into flowering and they are looking so fu**ing good. just cuz its wack bud u got it from doesnt mean itl be wack when u grow it unless its a male. its gonna be the sticky icky
  6. well im growing it in just soil....and should i use any fertilizers or anything like that
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    fert yes if u want big buds strain Early girl ( Growi seeds )works great in uk hope this helps if not sorry:smoking:

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