Looking for high yielding autoflower

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  1. Im looking for a pretty good yielding autoflower. 2oz's a plant? and atleast decent THC percent around 13% or more. I live in northeast ohio and will be growing outdoors in the ground. looking to start around may and do 2 harvests may-july july-september
  2. Auto bio diesel mass ;)
  3. No personal experience, but I've read good things about the Auto Pounder.
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    Mi5 by Short Stuff is known in the auto grow world as the top yielding auto, as well as a potent strain.
    Other high yielding autos:
    Russian Rocket Fuel by Short Stuff
    Onyx by Short Stuff
    Critical + by Dinafem
    Auto Mazar by Dutch Passion
    Big Bang auto by Greenhouse Seeds
    and most strains by Short Stuff tend to be good yielders.
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  6. Check Flash seeds or anything bred by stich... hes selling seeds direct now aswell add stitch breeder on facebook and say deadorno refered u
  7. Dinafem white widow

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  8. Hi :) Have you had a personal experience with growing Mi5 by Short stuff? Im just very interested in this strain, maybe you can share your experience,like how long it took from seed to harvest and how many g's you got per plant average ? :)
    Thanks a milion:) 
    waitin for your respond)) regards
  9. Blue mystic

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