Looking for help with best lights for small tent!

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  1. I’m pretty new to growing and am currently trying to sort out the best possible grow lights to use.

    I’m not looking at growing large plants but rather mastering a bunch of small plants inside smaller tents, due to size restrictions in my space.

    My current tent is 36x24x53. 53 inches isn’t a ton of height, but it’s doable.

    My question is what type of lights will be best for my setup? From what I can tell an LED just needs too much space between it and the plant for what I can allow, so I’m left with T5’s or HID’s.

    I feel like a 400w HID would do me well here.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. mars TS1000 or QB 100 or QB 96
  3. hid... I run HID and love them but hood is 12 inches, you need an other 12 inches away well just lost 2 foot of height
  4. Supergreenlab.com

    Wholesale Hot sale 240W Samsung lm301b led 288 3000K / 3500K PCB quantum board, QB288 Quantum board grow light From m.alibaba.com

    Supergreenlab is nice qb and have a built in controller... the second would be awesome for ur 2x3. Having a 4.5’ tent I’d steer away from hid. Qb is the way to go
  5. I work with an eight bank fixture of T5s switching color temperature as required.
    That covers a 2’ x 4’ floor space.
    There are far better lighting solutions; this fits my situation.
  6. Go for LED full spectrum that suits your space and wattage that supports
  7. Oh man....so many varying opinions....lol, it’s as helpful as it is confusing. I wish there was one standard light that worked really well for smaller spaces.

    It seems like with T5’s I can get the closest to the plant, but they also produce the smallest yields.
  8. When I started I vegged and flowered with 60w equivalent cfls and two single strip t5. Like 26&36 w I believe. They vegged amazingly! Like ud never know that they wasn’t under a good light. They was under 6500k cfl and 6000k t5. I had roughly 600w equivalent cfls and those 2 t5. I also flowered several plants under 600w equivalent 2700k cfl. They made good buds but wasn’t even close to the same size the plants grown under a 5th of the watts coming from QB 288. Qb are the way to go. They don’t get too hot! I downsized tents twice. I’m now in a 2x2x4’ tent. I have a 4’ exhaust and a 16” carbon filter n it along with 4 plants in 2g cloth pots and have plenty of room.
  9. BAAADCB3-473F-4A97-9949-035AA82D5B6F.jpeg BBD286E2-78D5-464C-A06A-496E27959E3F.jpeg CD82FB07-F622-4EC8-9F88-70CEC61055B8.jpeg 343FFBFF-5DB1-4ACE-B856-2C36E05AB762.jpeg Here is my setup in a 2x2x4 with a qb288. Posted pics of high low and current temps also. I have same plan as u. I wanna line bottom in 5-6” square pots and do a sog in next grow or two. The fishing leads I have light hanging on are too long. Imma replace those so I can raise the light about another 10-12” it’s on a 120w MW driver. I’ve been thinking about adding another 288 in series with the other to spread the light better
  10. Do you use this light for veg and flower?
  11. Just a heads up on the QBs Grasscitygal is mentioning. They have dimmable drivers that allow you control the light output so you can literally drop the lights 1in above the canopy and using a simple lux light meter set the proper output. To save energy I have my boards about 3-4inches from sprouts/seedlings and hitting them with about 20k lux with 4000k color temp
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