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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudIsWis3r, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Just finished a grow in my 4x5 closet in the basement and this last month the cold weather really hurt my grow. I had a SOG going with 6 plants and when the light was on the top of the plants that were exposed to the lights was 70F but the bottom got no light and the pots got really cold like 50F maybe less. I tried putting two layers of carpet on the cement floor that seemed to help slightly. Anyways I'm looking for an efficient way of heating the closet to at least 60F at all times. Just curious what other people have used baseboard heaters, small ceramic heaters, ect. A large heating pad would be ideal i think. I noticed I had an issue with the plant taking up water and phosphorus getting locked out towards the end.
  2. you could get something to big to put water in and use an aquarium heater
  3. you need to raise them up on a table or pylwood with pots holding it up to make a table. also a fan to circulate air will help

  4. wat he said and an electric oil heater prob 40 bux at walmart those ceramic coil heaters produce to much dry air and will kill all humidity u have and dry out ur soil faster...ive used both
  5. are you using hid(s)? get a coolable reflector and vent the lights so that the exhaust blows out towards the bottom of the plants.
  6. Most ceramic heaters give off a glow in the dark. Not good during dark period. Get your plants off the floor, at least 6 inches. The void will creat an insulating effect. I use a radiator type heater, oil filled. Try to find a small one, they put out a lot of heat. A small fan is a must, if the air circulates properly the air should stay fairly constant. I use my lights for heat, and a fan hooked up to a thermostate to keep temps at 80.
  7. im positive you can get away with rasing it and a fan. your hid puts out heat and it soulds like your air stale enuff to have a 20 degrees dif in temp. do you have a intake?

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