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  1. Hey GC!

    So i am in search of a Grav Labs Octabowl. A special bowl for a water pipe that has a unique glass screen built in. It honestly has the best airflow of any bowl that i've used and I would love to replace the one that was lost recently.

    Unfortunately GC does not have one in there inventory. :( I've searched everywhere it seems in search of one to purchase online. Does anyone in the GC fam know of a good place to look!
  2. Wow! That looks awesome, might have to pick it up. Found it on cyber shed
  3. B. Wilson disc screen.
  4. Do you have one Walter? (Nice name by the way) I can tell its got amazing pull but would ground up flowers pull through? I'm kinda OCD with my piece
  5. I have 2. One clear large bowl, and a worked one with a more onie sized bowl.

    I too am very OCD with my pieces. Some small bits of material can pull through. But very very little compared to a single hole push style bowl.

    p.s. sounds like you may watch some Fringe. ;)
  6. Perfect. I have a carbon filter as well but its always a pain clearing ash and green off the top. I know what my next order is going to be :)

    (And i did through the first three seasons, but i plan on catching up again and soon)
  7. Ya dude cybershed has em just google it.
  8. Grav Lab actually has a catalog that I know for a fact my LHS orders from. Subscribe to some mags bro!

  9. I have a worked b Wilson bowl that ha the onie size bowl. Leaves the mobius a lot cleaner then with a old push bowl.
  10. Look what I picked up guys! It's not the Octabowl I was looking for but it's been getting the job done. It's a GravLabs bowl but i'm unsure of the name of the style of glass screen. It is a 18mm bowl with a converter to fit a 14mm downstem. I've converted the adapter into a carbon filter using metal screens and carbon purchased at Walmart. It creates a noticeable difference in the harshness of the smoke and and it keeps my HiSi cleaner longer. Just thought i would share with GC!
    one love

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    They have modified the design for the 2013 line...

    Old version:

    New version:
  12. Looks like they have them in stock here at GC now as well.

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