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  1. I'm looking to order from Attitude,

    I need seeds for an indoor grow and outdoor grow, For the indoor grow I want to have an extremely potent(1 hit to get stoned) strain with a good sativa/indica high mix. I'm looking at Greenhouse Super Lemon Haze right now but I'm worried about the yield and actual potency of it. For the outdoor grow I want the closet to pure afghan I can find, which is the best of the three of these?:
    World of Seeds Landraces Afghan
    DNA Genetics Pure Afghan
    World of Seeds Legend Collection Afghan Kush

    Is the actual THC content of Super lemon haze 22.9%?
    Are these actual pure strains of Afghan Marijuana?
    Is there a more potent strain than the Super Lemon Haze?
    Is there a strain better suited for high yield, high potency and weather tolerance than the pure afghan?
  2. If i were you, I would figure out what cup winner you want. That's a sure fire way to get something powerful.

    I just finished tearing up some kush though. Shit was so sticky I have to peel it off my fingers. You'll probably have some luck with that.

    I've also had white widow, sour diesel, and skunk #1. All very nice and powerful strains.
  3. If lemon haze is 22% thc, LSD is more powerful. LSD is 24% THC.
  4. Anyone have some experience with Barney Farm's LSD?
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  6. Potency has much more to do with finding a "keeper" from a batch of say 6 to 10 seeds. Not every seed is going to house the best of the best genetics and you need to start several unless you're depending on dumb luck.

    OG #18 is a TERRIBLE choice for a one hitter quitter. It yields nice but the high is lacking.

    I agree that you should take a look at past cup winners and select from there. Some notable selections would be Romulan, Kali Mist, and Kandy Kush.

    I don't think every SLH plant is going to have exactly 22.9% thc. Maybe up to 22.9%, but not right there, as so much has to do with how it is grown.
  7. Is the lemon haze the best out of the Cannabis cup winners?

    Another request:
    What strain has the most CBD?
  8. white widow is the one bong chong for me man. never fails me. i vegged a plant for 2weeks then it only lasted 8weeks on flower before all leaves i mean all had been used up by itself. so chopped it. the best smoke i ever had, shame i only got half oz off her. i like the way they grow aswell and easy to look after. im on my third white widow now and had only grown silver haze b4. u asked u got dude. good luck in your choice

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