Looking for good smoking music?

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  1. I love listening to music while I smoke as I'm sure others do too. Was wondering if my fellow GC members could recommend some music?? Something different.. As far as what I listen to now it's pretty basic. Cypress Hill, Bob Marley, Kottonmouth Kings, Wiz Khalifa shit like that. Just want some different music to listen to. Also can be other genres of music such as metal or rock.
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  3. I started listening to music on Pandora. It's awesome for trying new genres. Heres my station list

    1412995483338.jpg 1412995496217.jpg
  4. You got a lot of good shit on your playlists might have to try some of these. Thanks bro
  5. Why don't you go retro back to the days of the hippies and flower children. 1967 the summer of love......
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5kGUqEBva4
    both good for listen with your girly
  7. Tragically hip
    pink floyd
    rob zombie
    Red hot chilli peppers(no idea why lol)
    nikki minaj - I'm blazin
    immortal technique
    As blood runs black(one of my favs), love some good metalcore/deathcore.
    and plenty of others but typing is a buzzkill, time to listen to some music.
  8. Dude you can't forget the Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones or the Pink Floyd just for starters

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    Pink Floyd - Animals
    Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
    Grateful Dead - Anthem of the Sun
    King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
    Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby
    Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley
    Meshuggah - ObZen
    Tool - Lateralus
    Death - Human
    Opeth - Blackwater Park
    Bob Marley - Kaya
    Peter Tosh - Equal Rights
    Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man
    Tuff Lion - Ten Strings
    Ziggy Marley - Wild and Free
    Radiohead - OK Computer
    Tame Impala - Lonerism
    My Morning Jacket - Z
    The Cat Empire - Two Shoes
    The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  10. Sublime
    Long Beach Dub All-Stars
    Slightly Stoopid
    Alice in Chains
    ....any of these will work.
  11. MGMT is always nice when baked.

    Since you like rap, check out Curren$y!
  12. Dizzy wright- spark up the flame
    Jarren benton- gimme the loot
    Dr dre- bang bang
    Dizzy wright- who got the chronic
    Juicy j- ice
    Asap rocky- pmw
    Asap mob- hella hoes
    Chevy woods- invitation
    Lil wayne- trippy
    Lil wayne- trigger finger
    Mgk- alice in wonderland
  13. I'm Into rap so I would recommend wiz khalifa afroman tyler the creator kid cudi flatbush zombies smoke dza and luniz
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    As SMOCATRON said before, Tame Impala. Specially their album Lonerism. There's no song in that album that isn't worth a hundred of plays. They've just released another album, Currents (this 17th July) but I personally don't like it very much. Elephant could be their most relevant song, even though it's not my favourite one.

    You can try Major Lazer. If you wanna watch weird videos, search for Bubble butt or Butters theme (specially last one)

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