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  1. For the tobacco smokers- I've got good reason to nag you guys to quit smoking tobacco. Tobacco gave my late husband the lung cancer and heart trouble that killed him. You don't want to do that to those who love you!

    This is a tiny study on quitting tobacco with some pretty big results. They used a CBD inhaler. I know CBD inhalers have been made commercially- the dispensary where I volunteer had them for a while, but they just didn't sell. But vaping CBD should have a similar effect. The quote below is just part of the abstract, and the link leads you to the full study.

    Cannabidiol reduces cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers: Preliminary findings (PDF) Cannabidiol reduces cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers: Preliminary findings

    “24 smokers were randomised to receive an inhaler of CBD (n=12) or placebo (n=12) for one week, they were instructed to use the inhaler when they felt the urge to smoke. Over the treatment week, placebo treated smokers showed no differences in number of cigarettes smoked. In contrast, those treated with CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by ~40% during treatment. Results also indicated some maintenance of this effect at follow-up. These preliminary data, combined with the strong preclinical rationale for use of this compound, suggest CBD to be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction that warrants further exploration.“

    @MrPicklesCC - try exercising to help you reduce your cannabis use. Exercise causes your body you release its own endocannabinoids.

    Exercise can reduce cannabis use in persons who don’t want to stop. (news – 2011)
    Exercise can reduce cannabis use in persons who don't want to stop

    Granny :wave:
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    Whoa. This is intense. I've been having issues off and on getting high lately. A couple reasons, including of course, our friend Tolerance and some medical stuff that I'm working on with the doc. But I also vape nicotine. I vape it all day. I rarely smoke tobacco. But I'm going to read that article bc I'm curious as to whether nicotine by itself can decrease those cannabinoid receptors or if it needs the tobacco plant to do its worst. Thanks for this info tho, Granny!

    EDIT: I just read the thing and it did not register that this is mostly about men. I thought women could be affected too. Who knows tho, really. Anyway that was interesting!
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  3. Smoked all but 5 yrs, in the past 45 yrs. I did quit and vaped eliquids 2010-2015......aside from that I'm a smoker. I buy unprocessed tobacco leaf from a tobacco warehouse. I derib it, manually, by hand. I then manually SHRED it via a hand cranked stainless steel shredder.......zero additives to it.

    I am not advocating tobacco or nicotine, but this is the most natural way to smoke it. I am old school with cannabis too. I might make bubble hash once in a blue moon but aside from that? I just do flower......bud.......................since 1971.

    No dabs or synthesized cannabis products, just the bud. Quit alcohol and all drugs in 1992. Just cannabis buds and I have many. :p
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  4. When I was in the Navy a carton of Marlboro's was 1.80$ in 1974 on board ship ..
    I smoked cigarettes' for decades ... yes i was addicted .
    I stopped in 2010 cold turkey. was it easy? no .............

    Do I think cigarette companies are total lying pricks ,,, yes .

    Main point is I don't smoke anymore and i was a total idiot for ever starting ...
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  5. Straight up most cant quit the first few go arounds ,, i really hope you can .
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  6. it even took me a while with a vape, but like I said, just vape like all the time for the first two weeks :smoking-hookah:
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    I have half assed tried a couple times before but this is my first proper attempt. I'm day 6 now, feeling great not interested in having one at all :)


    Edit - its actually day SEVEN!
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  8. Once in awhile I'll have a cigarette but mostly I just vape the full strength nicotine, 24 milligrams. I haven't wanted to give that up bc thus far, vaping hasn't done me any harm. In fact one year I had gotten walking pneumonia from smoking, and I switched to the E-cig and in time the pneumonia went away and I was fine. So it hasn't been a problem so far. I think I'd need a specific reason to quit, like say if it's blocking the effects of weed or making me sick some other way. I never got sick from vaping or had any issues with it. Smoking is different...it sits in my lungs and I cough all the time, and I don't like the feeling of that. I smoke the weed too but that doesn't bother me so much...I cough a lot sometimes but that feels more like clearing out my lungs in a healthy way. I heard that smoking weed can have an expectorant effect on the lungs. Apparently it's not really dangerous to smoke. Joe Rogan said all this on his podcast once...he usually researches stuff before he talks about it. I don't remember where he got that from and idk if he's right or not but I never felt anything bad in my lungs from smoking weed. But cigarettes are another story. My grandfather smoked himself to death. My dad quit in 1992 and never went back, stayed free of it right up to his death in 2018. Like I said I don't smoke cigs much but once in a blue moon it just feels good to light one up. Sparingly tho.
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  9. It depends upon the weather. But, planning now to stop.
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  10. With all my heart I would like to see you and anyone else that wants to stop smoking cigarettes actually stop .
    I think I stopped once for 4 year and another time for 5 years and then i started smoking again .
    I stopped in 2010 ,, i was in the hospital and in a coma for about 5 weeks .
    I don't know of anything worse then being in a coma , your body and mind is fucked up ....

    In the medical condition I was in the (Vascular disease ) smoking adds issues to my veins and arteries .
    So it was a life and death situation ,, the doctor walk into my room and said I needed a new habit !
    So i stopped smoking cigarettes and just smoked weed .
    I had a life saving friend who gave me a large bag of weed ,,, that was all the help I needed ..
    The weed helped me get past the 90 day mark ... after 90 days of not smoking is where the addiction started to ease up .
    I stopped in 2010 .
    Maybe once every 4 or 5 years I will take one drag off a cigarette, i do inhale ...
    And then i toss the cigarette .

    My wife was a chain smoker and wasn't going to quit , and did everything to get me to start smoking again .
    She started smoking in bed and in the car ...
    She started making a big deal of me smoking weed .. taking pictures of my weed and accessories and texting the photos to the cops .
    But it was about the time medical MJ became legal and the cops seemed to not care about weed .
    I still managed to stop smoking but was pretty much what broke the camels back in a already failing marriage.

    Honestly it was a tough go to stop smoking ..

    Now 11 years later i still don't smoke cigarettes , but in all honesty I cant be around people who smoke cigarettes allot because it makes me want to have one ...
    It was a tough go to stop smoking cigarette .

    To stop smoking for me it was a life and death situation ,, I had no choice .
    To make things worse I only have one lung ,,, I lost most of my left lung because of a blood clot going to it . while I was in the US Navy .

    Right now i have 60% lung capacity , and the doctors say my lung capacity is slightly improving ..

    I try to support anyone wanting to stop smoking ,, but in the end its the person that has to get totally hell bent to stop ..

    I hope you can quit ... and the best for you ..
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  11. Best of luck and hope you can stop .... smoke weed every time you crave a cigarette .
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  12. At 8 to 10 bucks per pack who wouldn't to stop smoking cigarettes !
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    been vaping for 15 years. this shit is no better that tobacco or girls, when you're tryin to quit :mad2:
    p.s. my sexy weed on weekends for the last 5 years is totally ok :love-mj2:
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  14. I remember when cigarette commercials were out lawed .
    1970 ..
    Honestly I was thinking it was before that ,, like 1964 .
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  15. Pack a day for right about 20 years. Tried quitting last year but then lockdown happened.
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  16. to be honest, I was smoking since when I was 16 years old almost one and half pack I take every day but when I turn 22 I stop using it because it gave me sick so i decided to stop.
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  17. I quit this nasty habit several years ago. Best thing I ever did. I love not smelling like an ash tray. With kids around now, the house is much healthier, smells better and we are better parents for it.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Zyban: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings - Drugs.com

    I have stopped with ease using a tablet from the doc ..
    it worked a breeze after all the years of struggle
    but I do enjoy the occasional spliff

    free at last
  19. When smoking I use the spliff both ciggie tobacco and weed the nicotene carries the thc further into the brain ...you can feel it maybe suspect it and a lab report recently prooved it but can I find it...?

    to the point where a user can turn away from normal weed shit and just use those cursed spliffs

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  20. I believe it attenuates the neuron... preps it. here's one paper, but I didn't read it.
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