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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by tightasfuck, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. What's good GC? I've recently become infatuated with the "dabbing" scene; my buddy bought a 7mm 10 arm tree percolated stemless maverick 1 footer,, with a ti nail and dome for $160 (craigslist, good buy right?), and ever since, all we have been doing is dabbing dank $20 a gram BHO. :) I think it is time for me to buy my own concentrate piece, but considering my best friend already has a bong, i'm looking for a small percolated bubbler.

    If there are any local glassblowers in the SoCal area that would be willing to create me an oil rig bubbler, PM me. Ideally, I would want a 5-6 inch inline bub, remember I'm looking for portable not shelf glass :D, btw lookin to spend $200-$400
  2. just go to a headshop they will have exactly what you need there.

    $20/g bho is shit, btw. Dank waxes and oils will never be that cheap from a dispensary. :)
  3. you honestly sound very ignorant. My dispensary sells ALL their flowers for dollar points, and everything is FIRE there. They make their concentrates fresh, and they sell their kief for $4 a gram, hash for $6 a gram, and wax for $20 a gram. and its all made from flowers. Don't let your jealousy get to ya ;), my wax is tested at 79%, not the dankest wax, but for $20 a gram, its purged perfectly, and its not worth getting half as much wax for a 85-90% wax.
  4. It's cool that you have the best dispensary on earth near you. I totally believe you.


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