Looking for general help : 7 plants 5 clones - 5th week - PICS.

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    edit : also whats with all my 11 finger leaf plants? I have multiple...

    Just looking for some general feedback and on what I should do with my plants here, I have some pics of what I think are males, they are very very young males I think, I was wanting to actually just put them out back and let them grow and produce seeds from them and a cloned female or something?

    Anyways here is the rundown.

    7 bag seeds from a friend.

    Seeds germinating 6/24/11
    (im impatient)24 hours later placed into cubes.
    started outdoors indoors in a small grow container for a 10 days
    Plants under a 400w MH 24/0 for 28 days
    Switched to 18/6 7/30/11

    (Although some showed signs of autoflowering... several have some tiny pistils already)

    Soil : Fox Farms Ocean etc
    Nutes : Fox Farm Grow Big 6-4-4

    They are now pushing on 40 days old. Any thoughts on what I should be doing?







    While thinking about it I will be taking the obvious male pictured above out of tent tonight.

    edit 2 : the front left plant I snipped at when it was growing, just wanted to play around with it and see what I could make it do.

    edit 3 : The tallest is 20"
  2. they are so much bigger than mine :/
  3. It may be my soil and nutes that are making mine large, is your setup similar?
  4. Anyone recognize them? Or have any information at all on them? They are just bag seeds from what I know so far.
  5. Removed the male so far of the 7 main plants 5 are female, 2 males are gone before they could even think of producing pollen. Today they got their first taste of Big Bloom ( 1/2 strength)
  6. 5 Females growing large, I will update pics tomorrow, 9 clones started and labeled off the mothers.

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