Looking for female auto flowers mix

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dealwithit, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. The best I could find is ten seeds(mixed strains) for 100$ in Canada. Anyone know a better place?
  2. We've got Secret Garden Seeds Auto Mix - 8 Feminized Seeds for 21.99 gbp - that's a little over $38.70 Canadian. You could get two packs & still be under that $100.

    Advanced Seeds has an Automatic Mix - 3 seeds for 15.99, 5 for 25.99, 10 for 47.99 in pounds - all below $100 Canadian.

    Joint Doctor's Lowryder Mix is 69.99 pounds for 10 seeds - that's a little bit over at $123 Canadian, but you would get a 20% discount for a non-card payment plus we could give you another discount coupon. It would probably drop the price to around $90 Canadian.
    awesome! im gonna get the one for 69.99 pounds, could you hook me up with those coupons?
    Sure - the 20% comes off automatically.

    Then, let us know in a PM whether you want a free seed, free shipping or another discount that'll bundle with the 20% off.

    You can decide which one makes more sense for your order.


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