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  1. Hey everyone, just looking for feed back. What do you think about this plant? How soon would you harvest? This is my first grow, so quite a bit of guess work has been involved.

    More info/pics can be provided this is just what I had on my phone.
  2. Only pic here is your avatar.....
  3. Ohhh yeah, I just saw this pic a few mins ago in the media gallery.......that's beautiful my friend
  4. Also....people will need a close up of your trich's to be able to give you a decent answer on harvesting....
  5. That's a crazy looking plant, what lighting did you use? What was your temps like?
  6. 4x qb120 temps were on the warm end, 78-86 typically.
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  7. Interesting read... Heat stress definitely makes sense given the conditions I've had. Should I basically ignore those parts when judging if its time to harvest? They are obviously far less matured than the rest of the plant.
  8. I'm not sure I've never personally had the issue yours was easy to spot as its pretty much a text book case
    That being said I always harvest on a whole plant determination instead of any one aspect.
    As in all pistols shrunken and receded swelled calyx etc. I also check trichomes at the end .
    Harvesting a little late is better than early
  9. That bud might dry real airy just so you know.. looks like it has some air weight on it..
  10. Makes sense, thanks for the heads up
  11. 20190808_222545.jpg 20190808_222540.jpg 20190808_222511.jpg

    A couple of close ups for anyone who wants to see.

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  12. Anyone think this should be chopped? Its been losing a bunch of fan leaves. I'm getting fairly concerned. The white hairs are pretty much just at the tops, the rest is orange. Not seeing many amber trichs though but I've read that some sativas dont show much amber?
  13. From those pics......i would let it keep going. Full pic of plant?
  14. Its up at the top of the thread . Crazy looking plant
  15. 15654889658697797324391615549379.jpg this was taken just now, the first pic in this thread was taken I beleive 6 days ago.
  16. whats the strain ya foxtailing all over the show.. white hairs are on the new growth i cant prove its ready in this experiment sorry buddy but i wouldnt keep it any longer unless you know that strain has a certain tendency to foxtail in that .. manner..but i cant prove its a foxtail so best not listen a.. nice first grow by the way.. i will use your experience to further my post to suit your knowledge lol
  17. I said you were acting like a fool in another thread, so you came into my thread to act like a fool... you sure showed me.
  18. Now gentleman.....why don't ya say we call it "null in void" and agree to disagree on some things....that's allowed...everyone has their opinion.....but we gotta live up to our reputation of LOVE.......not WAR!:love-m3j:

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