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  1. this is my first grow and im noticing a couple things with my plants that dont seem to look so good. please give input. thanks!
    i use two 150w bright white cfl bulbs and one 60w cfl soft white buld for light

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  2. How old are they?
  3. They look fine, although unless you've got a quality root system developed I'd wait until at least the 3rd node to top next time.
  4. they will be a month old on the 7th
  5. You should keep the CFLs as close as possible without touching the plants, and without making the temperature go up past 78. Those just seem really small to me. They don't look deficient on anything or over/under watered.
    How big of pots are they in?
  6. They look fine, other than a missing fan leaf on one.
  7. i accidently snapped it off. will it cause any feature problems?
  8. nope.
  9. 1 gallon plants they will be month old in the 7th
  10. 1 gallon pots
  11. Ok lol it looked like they were in cereal bowls in your pics.
    They look just fine besides not getting enough light i think.

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