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    Another noob joins this amazing site.

    The information here is kind of staggering. I've made so many cock ups through impatience mostly. I have a friend guiding me through (grateful is an understatement).
    Currently I'm in the process of converting a closet. I was given a seed prior to learning or knowing anything at all. Planted her in the kitchen window (mistake number 1).
    I had no kit and she started to grow. Thanks to my amazing buddy (a good solid grower but miles away) I bought a 600w hps. Because I jumped the gun, foolishly, I've been playing it by ear.
    She is surrounded by reflectors and under the light 18/6. I use canna products, molasses and a small amount of 7-7-7 feed every other water.
    She has been under the light for 25 days now. Strawberry cough.
    I have topped her and muddling my way through LST.
    I know it's not the best set up at the mo. But she is a little fighter and I'm reluctant to let her go while waiting for funds to complete my closet project.
    Have a look at pics please. Does she look ok to you guys?
    I have so much admiration for these plants. Amazing things.
    Any extra advice welcomed. Again, I can't thank my pal enough for his patience and kerbing his frustrations. Any errors are my own doing.

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  2. They look a little droopy. Other than that they're lookin alright. Lighting makes it a little difficult to tell any deficiencies
  3. Just changed the pics so under daylight. Sorry.
    They were watered about half an hr prior to pics. Thanks for looking :)
  4. Much better! What is your ph at?
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  5. Currently just under 7. I ph test the water and then test soil 48 hrs later with soil test kit
  6. Try to get that ph down a bit of you can
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  7. Will do. Many thanks mate. Appreciate it
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  8. Update:
    Leaves looking a bit odd in colour. Ph is 6.7. Temps around 24 - 26
    She's bushing out but is the colouration anything to worry about?
    Many thanks [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Your soil is way too dense and holding water...something these plants don't like. Invest in some good formulated grow soil...we use Roots Organics Original, I've used FFOF...lots out there. But I go from seed to harvest in the Roots with no additional nutes. No new plant in remotely decent soil is going to need nutes until several weeks on into the grow. These are very fast cycling plants and too many new growers get the idea that the nutes are the magic that will produce weight at harvest. NOT! LOL What happens with this plant is dependent on the light...and assuming the grower understands how to tend the plant. Good soil, tap water and excellent light is truly all you need. NEVER water a plant until it is almost dead dry since the roots hate sitting in moisture constantly. I believe your plants are definitely suffering from overwatering....or the soil holding water for too long. You need about a 60/40 mix of soil/perlite to get the proper drainage going. The grow soils are expensive, but worth absolutely every penny. Don't try to mess with auto strains and you can simply repot a plant when it actually gets hungry and needs nutes...which is when they SHOULD start to be given. Giving too soon or in too great a concentration is just going to do more harm than good. If your plant is that rich blue/green we associate with a healthy MJ plant, it doesn't need more food. Normally, when one gets hungry it is also root bound...again, assuming good quality soil use. The new growth will begin to fade from the rich blue/green color to a more washed out yellow green. The plant will always tell you what it's problem is. You just have to get enough skill to be able to read what it's saying. Never water till plants are nearly DEAD dry. You should be able to lift the container they're in and feel NO weight. If you do, put it down and resist the temptation to pour more water in. As far as nutes, I don't use them at all. Not anti-nute, just don't need them. We're averaging around 5 oz per plant after harvest and cure with none, and I'm cool with that. The key to yield is light...proper spectrums, mega wattage...that's it. Nutes are nothing more than plant food and if they don't need them, you're just going to burn your plants, stress them and waste valuable time recovering when they should've been working on growing. Stay away from filtered or distilled water as it's stripped of everything. There are valuable micronutrients in tap water that these plants need and use and I've seen folks get strange deficiencies from the filtered/distilled water.

    Keep it simple. Get the good soil so you have what they need already in it. Use tap water...I pH mine but lots of the old heads say it's not important in a soil grow and the more I advance as a grower, I tend to agree with them. You live or die by nutes and pH with a hydro grow but a soil grow is a much more laid back way of making it happen. Find yourself a reliable source...since everyone here on the forum isn't working at the same skill level. They mean well, just aren't schooled enough yet to be giving advice. NEVER take the first response you get and run with it unless you know for darn sure and certain it's someone who knows their stuff. LOL But I would find a reliable source and read till my eyes bug out about how to care for this plant, the basics of this plant, it's cycles and how it grows, lighting, grow media, nutes.....basically, the more informed you are with correct proven information, the better job you will do with your grows. As you grow, you get better at it. You also learn what really matters and what doesn't. Make sure you have flower lighting capable of supporting the number of plants you plan to flower. Most overload the light they have and shoot themselves in the foot as far as weight at harvest goes. We're attempting to mimic the sun here. You can grow a plant outside and reap pounds off each. You'll never make that happen with an indoor grow because the SUN is the ultimate light source. It's all about the lighting if you want to really get real harvests from your plants. But the more you know, the better outcome you will have in the end. Good luck TWW
  10. You provide some good info here and while "I" grow in peat so its water needs in general are different than soil (Almost impossible to overwater peat) I take issue with the totally drying things out till next water. While I too used to do that ...trying to catch the dry point just before the plants would stress and droop.

    I then read posts by a couple masters on another site who advocated a different route which WAS to keep things always moist. My last 4 harvests were done with this in mind and they have turned out great. A side benefit is the lack of "dryness stress" has majorly reduced my room stink. Don't get me wrong, you jossle my plants and you will get stink to high heaven but just the normal growing stink has pretty much disappeared.
    So bottom line is overwatering bad, but perpetually moist soil (not wet) is what the roots really want.
  11. Thank you for such an extensive and detailed reply.
    It makes total sense. When second set of pics were taken she had just been watered as I had left her until droopy dry. The pot was light to lift. My friend said much the same as you.
    Because of my ignorance she had a bad start. I have four new seedlings on the go now.
    My good friend has taken my plant, his grow experience is way more than mine, and he will see her through to harvest ( great guy ).

    I will focus on seedlings. I have attached a couple of pics. They are a week 1/2 old and doing ok (in ten inch pots).

    opinions will always vary on how to do things. I appreciate that. Everyone achieves goals in diverse and contradicting ways. But I listen to everything and apply what may help.

    Even experienced growers conflict in many aspects of 'how to'. It's the same in any form of interest. I'm old enough to know this.

    I'm on a budget and can't keep repotting. Thus the soil will need feeding, so I will add nutes. Again, I realise that nutes are not required for a certain time as the soil is nute prepped. And I have just used plain water accordingly. She was repotted with 30% perlite before sending her away with my good friend.

    Just want to thank you for your reply. It's the first experienced 'no nute' grower I've had the pleasure of hearing.

    Warmest thanks

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