Looking for fake weed plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Boggieman, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Basically I want to stick a few plastic weed plants in my garden and see what happens. The choppers are out and again this year and I want to know if they will bother me. I'm looking to buy fake large Outdoor weed plants anyone know where someone can buy this?
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  2. this fake weed plant is only 25 dollars. wear it when theyre flying about.
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  3. I'm actually serious about this.
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  4. I grow Outdoor guerilla style and basically want to find plastic or similar weed plants to stick them in certain spots and my garden to test the choppers around here, I'm out in the country here are a few of my plants from a few days ago way out in the woods.

    Blue Widow
    Screenshot_2017-07-09-16-34-15 (1).jpg

    Special Queen #1
    Screenshot_2017-07-09-16-35-41 (1).jpg
  5. if you have mobile intercepts ..? or the chance..?

    then grow you plants with that in mind

    and make them portable and mobile

    don't grow them big enough to be a target

    a 3 usg pot is good at about 3 feet tall

    good luck
  6. i just dont think itll work. those porkchoppers have heat vision. they can tell if its an alive plant or plastic.

    or they do see them. and say hmm like 3 little ass plants. lets wait on it for a bit. then get you later.

    you could grow inside for pretty cheap. tell no one and pay your electric bill
  7. Hmm let me know if you find any. I'd like some just for ornamental purposes. Make sure they're fake flowering. Popo likes to wait for them to be close to harvest then bam!
  8. Also go outside when u hear them and pretend to be trimming it
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