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  1. Me and my buddy are gonna start our first grow here in the next couple of days. We are gonna use some seeds from our bags or try to get our best connection to hook us up with some starters. I've read through a a shit ton of threads about first grows and to-dos and DIY's, but what most guides lack is exclusive begginer fuck ups and pro-tips for first timers. If I could get someone or some people give me some exclusive tips on what they did wrong and how not to have that happen would be cool; as well as maybe some insider tips. PM or post & thanks & great site !
  2. Read, learn, experiment and have lots of patience.:)
  3. dont blow breakers, watch ur humidity and temp or get somthing to maintain it.... go easy on ferts(easy to add more the next time than flushing it after....) 1tbsp of molasses in every watering during the flowering stage....makes happy plants....
    dont over water...
    it boils down to trial and error......good luck...
  4. As seedlings....Dont feed nutrients till the 3rd or forth set of leaves appear, and DONT over feed once you get feeding on the way.
    Keep lights close as possibly for the 1st 2 to 3 weeks to avoid seedlings stretching.
    Try keeps temps down.

    And as stelow said, read , learn, and experiment :)
    Its good to learn by your own mistakes. Noones grows are ever the same no matter what lighting, nutrients, and strain u growing.

  5. ganja growing is as easy or as hard as you want too make it so keep it simple at first,too many 1st time growers go for complicated set ups & more times than not will have problems on a 1st grow.

    really is no need for exclusive tips yet mate,just ask questions on a daily basis & the good folk on GC will help you out with what materials you need ,how to use them properly then get you started, which will build your confidence up plus you'll pick up they exclusive tips in no time:)

    so ask away brother & all the very best with your new venture, you'll love it;)

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