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Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hello Blades, I've decided I want to lose atleast 10-20 Lbs that the munchies have added on. I am not huge, just want to get rid of that belly fat and tone my body. I would like to see some resources that will help me with.
    Healthy Eating Plans
    What to eat
    What not to Eat
    Work-Outs for Slimming, belly fat, and Cardio
    Work-Outs for Toning muscle

    Thanks for any info
  2. Im too skinny, I need to gain wheight so im starting a diet too, ok fakdded?

    First on my list:


    damn im hungry...

  3. I'm dieting right now and have had a good bit of success with a low-fat, low-salt diet called "The Rice Diet," combined with exercising 3-4 days a week. Don't worry...you eat a lot more than just rice. If you're a hardcore carnivore, it might not be for you since the diet is based around whole-grains, fruits, and vegetables, but it's great for me since i'm mostly vegetarian.
    I find that it's a diet you can actually maintain for life...not just for a few weeks while you're dieting, just to gain it all back. Getting "off of" salt is actually pretty hard for the first few days...salt stimulates the appetite and you'll find yourself craving it...but once you've detoxed you feel like a million bucks and get hungry way less. If you want more info, just ask. Good luck!
  4. just cut what you eat..shit if you want to go eat taco bell...wait and eat like a bunch of oranges,,\\..or apples.....or maybe weed?
  5. Just watch the carbs and fats... combine that with some cardio. Say... jogging or biking and there you go. You don't quite need to diet, you just have to tweak your lifestyle a little bit. I personally need to gain wait because I'm around 20 lbs under weight right now. It's hard stuff and I wish people didn't care, I wish I didn't care. But the fact is, that they do. And it makes life harder than it should be.
  6. just do coke when you get the munchies. ;)
  7. fakdded - check out MensHealth.com they have a shitload of info about diets / losing weight / toning. They also have a really good forum (last time i checked) with a lot of people who will help you out.

    Also think if you look around the site, theres one of those free personal trainer programs.

    You should check it out, the first time i did i was reading for hours
  8. www.ast-ss.com is a good site for anything you need to know, they supply diet schedules..
    As for excersize, just do cardio if you wanna lose weight (run, jog, ride bikes, box) anything that gets your metabolism going faster you'll lose weight.

    PS; I lost over 50lbs doing E in tremendous amounts.
  9. Although that sounds fun, Haha, I don't have the cash, nor do I want that much MDMA in my body. :p

    Thanks for the resources, they have proved very helpful.
  10. adderall "lose X pounds in Y days" and deprive yourself of sleep
  11. hmmm i dont know but weed is supposed to speed up your metabolism and water is too and water makes you hungry less so lots of water and weed and fuck 3-4 days of excersise go the whole fuckin week go runnin when your stoned its so fun. and biking and shit get a trampoline too.
  12. well, the quickest way i know of is doing coke like mentioned....but that might lead to a bad habit that is hard to break...so keep that as your last resort lol....

    but seriously, when you get the munchies, eat something healthy or something, and dont overdo it. i know its hard but thats it.

    and of course exercise never hurts. i dunno, thats what i got :-D
  13. what that its not a site or did u think i was makin fun of poster (cause i wasnt..) heh i was just makin a funny site up :p

  14. When I saw it I laughed, but when i found out it was made up, i was dissapointed :(
  15. I've also tacked on an extra 10-15 lbs in the last 6 months due to munchies. The shit sucks... but food is soooo damn good! Especially for the daily smoker. Lately I've been feeling it more, and I need to do something.

    I don't plan on dieting, just going out and doing stuff more often this summer. In the last few years, I've been inflated and deflated from 185 to 205.

    185 was when I wasn't smoking any herb, and I got out of the house a lot more often.

    Now I'm about an even 200 and I've been puffing religiously for the last 6+ months (always take my breaks, then go back into a daily routine) and I eat like a horse. I don't do much excersize due to lazyness, and not seeming to have time for it. But the thing with that is, I do have time for it, but I just hate hard physical activity when I'm blazed.

    Day before yesterday, I went and played frisbee for the first time in years. I was ripped, and it was fucking grueling (haha). Sweating, out of breath, and my coordination was off due to THC. And that was in the first 10 minutes or so.

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